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Here's a reminder since we have people that still don't realize what the spoiler policy is. I can't explain it any easier than this.

A spoiler is defined as any information about an upcoming comic book issue or a recently released comic book issue, with these exceptions:
A. Covers of upcoming issues are not considered spoilers.
B. Official solitications of upcoming issues are not considered spoilers.
C. "Hype" information (such as "Character X will be showing up soon in Comic Book A") coming directly from the creators themselves are not considered spoilers.

1. "Spoilers" must be marked in your subject line for all current and upcoming new comics until the next issue is released or four weeks have passed, whichever comes first.
2. The subject line must contain the issue title and number if the comic you are spoiling is not the current issue of Justice League of America. If you are spoiling a future issue of JLA beyond the most recent issue, then you must include "JLA issue # SPOILERS" in the subject line.
3. Never put the spoiler itself in the subject heading. Doing so will get the post instantly deleted.
4. If you are not spoiling anything, do not mark spoilers in the subject line. If you are replying to a spoiler post but there are no spoilers in you post remove the spoiler tag from the subject line.

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From the Comicboards Rules:
Bannings and lesser disciplinary actions (i.e. deleted posts) will not be discussed on the boards. Those are matters best left to email between the poster and the moderator. If one has a question about their banning or deleted post(s) they should e-mail the moderator for explanations (the moderator's e-mail address is located where new messages begin).


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