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Author Topic: Uhm...WOW!! Justice League of America #8 [SPOILERS]
Lightning Strike

I just got my comics in the mail and the one I HAD to read first was this issue (I knew already that it had some Legion stuff going on so it was a no brainer).

To me, Meltzer really found his groove here. The previous seven issues of this reluanch really had some slow pacing, but I loved how he split the story up in the beginning into three seperate but simultaneous stories. It worked really well.

I thought it was cool how Batman preceeded to say to Black Lightning that Supes ranked Karate Kid as a 15th level fighter, and Bruce at only 12, but that Bruce likes to prove Supes wrong---only to get his rear end handed to him a few panels later. \:\) It's a good thing for Batman that BL was there to tag team KK.

The only thing that felt a little out of place in this issue was the one page that dealt with the Ultrahumanite from 1948. It detracted from the main story and should have been done in some other way. Still, I had to wonder who those two characters were who visited UH in the hospital. My guess? Two of the Monitors.

And lastly, for those of you who don't speak Interlac, Starman said "Lightning Lad" to Karate Kid in that scene where KK fell to the floor and kind of rattled him free of his Trident persona.
Obviously, Lightning Lad is going to play a huge part in this story, and I'm very excited to see where it all ends. I'm hoping it leads to a new Legion book starring the pre-crisis LOSH.

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