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Countdown #36: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/?cm=7765 Thought I saw Phoenix going full out (and later Wolverine brandishing claws)... No can't be. It's all about the JLA not X-men.

The Flash Rogues were a fun read and I was sweating their fate and not just because of the HOThouse. I was green with envy to see Slade as the 'partner' and shocked/repulsed that he'd wear that mask that obviously has shrunk at the end of the Origin feature. And as for Ivy she looks was definitely drawn as the amalgam of Jolly Grren Giant's and The Little Green Sprout's dream girl.

Speaking of Dream Girl. KK and Una (after the recent JLA arc) were boring but this Mr Orr and the unkown(to me) clawed creep kept me a little curious, at this point.

New Atom is 'little' but Jason and Donna were a little less interesting considering it's their names on the Chapter. Didn't the Monitor NEED New Atom to traverse to the Palmerverse but here he can extricate now via wrist controls? Those nutty Monitors! And speaking of wrists - should we recognize the one with the Bang Stick? At least Donna's costume has more reasonable sized stars this issue.

Happy that Superman would stand by Mr Action but equually happy that Batman puts the absurdity into perspective. Joker wants to kill HIM? Still can't predict if Countdown is supposed to make Jimmy into a carryover hero... Or will Mr Action only become a 'star' on level with say, Slappy White or Spanky McFarland.

Z's right, Mary needs a spanking. Will it take Shazam to magically slap her out of it like he did Black Adam? Discouraging that Z gets pawned here and is unaware of Loring. Don't Eclipso slaves get eclipsed in the face? Hmm, Loring's first name is Jean same as the Phoenix...

Still trying to predict how/if everything is connected and this issue seemed little more than a decompressed -- what's the word? -- segue ;\) to the next issue. Nice art and JLA banner oppurtunity:

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