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I really enjoyed Cry For Justice. Loved the art and also the amount of characters who traversed through the book....

A few things:

The Global Guardians have really had it rough over the years..there are very few of them left now...I'd be all up for a revival of the original members even if it was for a spot in Adventure comics or Brave and Bold. Who is left alive anyway? Rising Sun, Owl Woman, Godiva, Jock O Lantern, Mermaid, Olympian....?

The killing of Lian Harper was surely and opportunity to tip Cheshire right over the edge?

I'm glad Speedy wasnt killed off and i do like her newist costume

I'm not looking forward to the titan memebers upgrading to league status

whats happened to Hawkgirl and Hawk man after blackest night?

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Kyle Bastian

To my knowledge, the following GGs are still alive:

Little Mermaid (I think)
Jack O'Lantern (the third one)
Olympian (we saw him in a Batman the Brave and the Bold comic)
Tuatara (I'm not too sure about him, either)
Wild Huntsman
Rising Sun

And some might add:
Fleur de Lys
Red Star

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TJ Burns

Wild Huntsman apparently is officially dead, as his corpse played a role in a Nightwing storyline a few years ago.

Little Mermaid died on-panel in JLE... BUT came back in a later issue, claiming it was her evil clone that died. So there you go. Either way, the destruction of Atlantis by the Spectre makes her survival rather doubtful.

Tuatara is alive, but in a coma, until someone tells us otherwise.

I'd also note that there's absolutely NO reason to believe that Dr. Mist is really dead. He's a master illusionist who fakes his death as often as Hugo Strange... I don't believe he went down that easily.


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