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Subj: Favourite line-up?
Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 at 04:09:48 am EDT (Viewed 13 times)

I was wondering what the most preferred JLA line-up would be? Has the perfect line-up ever been thought of by DC?

I am a huge DC/JLA fan and love all JLA/JLAssociated comic series and one offs, and like everything from the Silver Age line-up, through the Justice League International/Europe/Antarctica/Detroit line-ups and the most recent and current line-ups. The big 7 line-up is the classic one, but does not have the diversity of the line up that had people like the Huntress, Big Barda and Zauriel in. Green Arrow is my favourite character, so would be in my favourite line-up, so the Silver Age line-up with the big 7, Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Atom, Hawkman/Girl, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Elongated Man, Phantom Stranger and Zatanna would be near the top or at the top for me. What the JlI/JLE/JLTF had going for them was the humour and diversity which can be lacking in the star packed line-ups, but I feel that the Silver Age had enough of both to be the best done so far, as it ticks the star power and grittiness/humour boxes.

I like the 2006/07 line ups with new characters like Manitou Raven, but that line-up was only good for one or two arcs, and would get boring after that. I like seeing rarer and older characters, but as the JLE showed, that type of line up can only last so long. Some of the alternative universe versions of the JLA are interesting, in particular JLA Destiny, a very gritty take on the league.

I think that the JLA series, since its inception and in all its guises is the greatest comic series ever, trumping all other, from the Avengers, to the Doom Patrol. I also believe that it can get better. Can you imagine the Silver Age line-up (now possible because Hal Jordan is back), with todays superior drawing, inking and more realistic, human and gritty writing? It would be amazing. I consider it the best line up yet done.

As a side note, I think that it would be better if after this current line-up finishes, the JLA line-up became permanently open, so that the huge amount of former members could get the coverage that they deserve, and so that we stop having one line-up after another. It would make it easier for the single comic series like Superman and Batman, if they could leave for a few episodes and then join again when ready. I think that it would make the whole of DC stronger, easier to follow and more realistic. It would also, as I said give you permanent diversity, one mission Green Arrow is there, the next week he is not. One mission has John Stewart, the next Guy Gardner etc etc. What do you think?