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Subj: JLI #1 preview solicit...
Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 at 02:51:56 pm EDT (Viewed 488 times)

JLI #1:

Preview out:

Comments elsewhere:


    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)12:59 No.29394090
    I can smell the the fan being hit already.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:02 No.29394160
    Man Green Lantern is the bestest

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:03 No.29394171
    why so Invincible, Booster?

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:03 No.29394174
    A bunch of basement dwellers who spend all day whining on the 'net
    this can't be real, most people who buy comics ARE basement dwellers...

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:03 No.29394178

    TheFizz !P5UpSTBV3. 09/05/11(Mon)13:04 No.29394203
    Oh Look! It's Walda the Time Mcguffin again! Seriously though, these protesters are even more stupid than Teabaggers

    The Black /Co/mr/a/dette 09/05/11(Mon)13:08 No.29394281
    cute but not interested.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:10 No.29394326
    I'm confused, Batman doesn't like Hal Jordan but he DOES like Booster Gold?

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:11 No.29394355
    I think Ice is back to being a princess now.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:12 No.29394366
    Godiva, as in the one from flashpoint? What is she doing there? So far it is alright and let's be honest for basement dwellers that angry mob look pretty athletic.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:12 No.29394367
    So, does Booster represent the US? Because he's as Capitalist and Showboating as they get, so a perfect fit. So wait, is Skeets gone for good now? I don't see him in the previews.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:12 No.29394373
    the dialogue in this preview is dire

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:13 No.29394390
    I don't even know who she is but I love Godiva.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:13 No.29394400
    Wait, where's blue beetle?...Wait. Wait. Does this mean that Ted Kord was never killed? Did he ever exist? Does maxwell Lord exist?

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:14 No.29394418
    I'm pretty sure 52 is still in continuity. Vixen is in it, neat but where is Martian Manhunter, oh right Stormwatch, it is not the same.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:14 No.29394440
    It did happen.
    They are not going to bring up a ton of continuity for the benefit of the new readers, but as long as nothing is directly contradicted..then it has happened.
    Sidenote: The GL's have always had a thing with Batman, they shine lights and "don't afraid of anything", Bats IS THE NIGHT and scares the shit outta everyone. Besides JLA is an origin for the team and takes place in the past. JLI takes place in the present.
    Action Comics also takes place in the past, Superman takes place in the present.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:14 No.29394455
    I really hope that Rocket Red will be Dmitri. Eh, like it matters. I wont be reading it.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:17 No.29394487
    But it doesn't make any sense for JLI to form AFTER the Brother Eye incident. Or, for that matter, for there to even be a brother eye incident if it never existed in the first place!

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:17 No.29394494
    Because the killing joke is still canon. Which means that Booster's attempt to save Barbara is too. Which means bats know that Booster tried to save her.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:27 No.29394745
    Queen seems to be publically respected. Booster seems to want to go public again.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)13:28 No.29394999
    Were the Gotham Sirens this sexy a lineup?! I don't think so.

    Songbird/Diamondback 09/05/11(Mon)13:31 No.29394817
    I guess I'm in the opposite boat. This preview actually makes me want to get the book, and I wasn't planning on getting this before.

    Doctor Green !QT.V9kdcwE 09/05/11(Mon)13:35 No.29394930
    Arsenal is on Red Hood and the Outlaws. They deaged Green Arrow a bit, now he looks like his no longer existing son Connor Hawke.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)14:03 No.29395582
    I doubt Batman will be in the JLI. He's there to monitor what the UN will do with JLI and whether that threatens the JL. And they re capitalizing on his popularity by having him on the cover.

    Anonymous 09/05/11(Mon)14:05 No.29396662
    Why is Batman on BOTH Justice Leagues?

    Songbird/Diamondback 09/05/11(Mon)14:09 No.29344492
    You know, I might just pick this up! Thanks Anon.

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