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Subj: Beginning JL#5: The Curse of Shazam!
Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 at 04:32:47 pm EDT (Viewed 536 times)

I was uber excited about this Geoff Johns/Gary Frank project, still am, but gee-whiz if this doesn't make me nervous: Newsarama

Of course, with a character who has been around as long as Captain Marvel, Frank anticipates some backlash from fans for the changes they're making.

"I realize that there are a lot of very conservative readers out there who are skeptical about radically new approaches, but I hope that at least some of them will judge what we do on it's own merits rather than just cataloguing the differences between the new and the old," he said, referring to both The Curse of Shazam and Batman: Earth One. "We're honestly not trying to destroy the characters people love. We're trying to make sure that those characters will be there for future generations and, in order to do that, we are producing the best work we can by necessity.

"We have, in Geoff, one of the greatest custodians of these characters that the industry has ever seen," Frank said. "So if the readers give us a little trust, we'll give them back a great story that will feel fresh, interesting and familiar at the same time."