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The premiere was not too bad - it was just too weird to follow clearly and chronologically. Reserved judgement for JLD after a second chance. So, if JL 1 was years ago does that mean JLD 1 was the first appearance of the nuJL in 'the present'? Anyways, thats 3 for 3 with JL titles lack of grabworthiness.

Justice League Dark #2:

Not only were sales bad to prompt change in the DCnU - apparently (long consistent) characters were not good either and needed change...

nuDeadman is now a creep. UGH. Stealing bodies for sex with no reservations of gender hosts either. June and Dawn can see him in ghost form - is that nu?

nuDove has had a sex-free thing for Boston in the past of the DCnU [prooobably from Flashpoint but who knows for sure] but it feels like the story presumes nu-readers can appreciate the logic of her inclusion to this nu-team in the making. Significant reference to Hawk&Dove series should have been given by now - to better cement any crosstitle connection.

nuConstantine seems the same as the old one in personality, spewing his Brit-wit, but nothing that substantial/intriguing shown on his scope of power to like or dislike his spotlight and cover cred here. Significant reference to Swamp Thing (or Flashpoint or Vertigo) series should have been given by now too.

nuZatanna is a bike chick. Easier to get around than spelljumping? Lower power level than her old self? Nothing interesting done with her except to show her disappointing inability to deal with this threat - and after she ticked off Batman trying to convince all involved that she was worthwhile.

nuShade is not in this ish. If this is a team title and he is on the team then he offers a very uninviting character to not even get a cameo in the second ish trying to keep anyone who gave this a second try because of good stuff in #1. Didnt follow his earlier series - how does this meta-vest seem to compare from a fascination standpoint?

nuXanadu is the bright spot of this title. The 'Justice League' brand is for sales but too bad they couldnt have made it a team title suited to her. She would be intriguing as a matriarchal Xavier/Strange figurehead. Enjoyed her very much in her Vertigo series - not that any of that should be who she is in this reality. In fact, she seems she will get off the sidelines and play in the big Leagues for the DCnU. She seems better equipped to deal with the threat than any of this nu-team.

nuEnchantress. No idea. Never followed any titles she was in the old days so know very little about this meta and her split persona. Two issues in and theyre still dumping all the freaky/weird stuff into the mix so not sure what to make/care of her now. Something undecipherable is going on with her powers in #1 to influence the formation of the JLD but it left me more befuddled than curious. With this deserved second chance it still seems to leave me with a detracting sense confusion instead of excited anticipation for the next chapter. Can anyone better summarize what we have with IN THE DARK and give it proper props?

I miss my brother.

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