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Kyle Bastian

Subj: What's Going to Happen to the Three JLs in the Spring of 2014 (some spoilers)
Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 at 01:42:47 pm EST (Viewed 10 times)

Hi, everybody.

I've just heard that a new Power Ring will appear in Justice League #31. Her name is Jessica Cruz and she is a friend of Simon Baz, the JLA's Green Lantern. A rumor has it that she might join the Justice League. If it's true, I'm going to buy it just to read about Ms. Cruz.

However, I'm not too happy about the main Justice League's line-up. How could they boot out two important characters like Superman and the Flash. Either they (along with Hal Jordan Green Lantern) return to the main team or I'd like to see the three of them form a new Justice League. I just hope Sinestro doesn't join the team to replace Green Lantern since Lex Luthor and Captain Cold replaced Superman and Flash.

It's hard for me to find Justice League Dark titles these days, so I'd like to know who will be in JLD after Forever Evil. My bet for the line-up: Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna (who should return), Black Orchid, Frankenstein, Swamp Thing, and Etrigan (who I hear might join the team).

With the main Justice League a disaster for me (I still like the idea of keeping Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg and adding Shazam), I'm now focusing my energy on Justice League United by the brilliant Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone. I'm so glad half of the JLA team (Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, and Green Arrow) will amalgamate with some newcomers (Adam Strange, Animal Man, Supergirl, and a new First Nations girl), but I'd like to see Jeff and Mike add some more members as time goes by. Here's my Top Five:

1. Atom: let's face it, the majority of the group are blondes (namely Adam Strange, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Stargirl, and Supergirl). Putting a redhead like him in should be vital. Also, it would also be appropriate since Green Arrow and Hawkman are already in. If they don't use Ray Palmer, I can settle for Ryan Choi since they need more diversity on the team. So, Jeff and Mike, PLEASE ADD THE ATOM!!! And make it either Ray or Ryan.

2. Black Canary: now that Katana is no longer with the JLA/JLU, I'd like to see Black Canary added to the JLU to represent the Birds of Prey. I'd like to see her and Green Arrow hook up like they did before the New 52 happened. Also, putting her on a Justice League team is crucial. A final reason I'd like to see Black Canary on the team is that the three females on the team are all teenage girls.

3. Cindy Reynolds, the real Gypsy: let's face it, Cisco's not going to be on the JLU, so replace him with my favorite member from Justice League Detroit. Hey, she has potential to be on the team and she could represent the black haired women. I'd also like to see how she interacts with the Martian Manhunter in the New 52 Universe. She could also be a good replacement for Cisco.

4. Metamorpho: I'd like to see Jeff and Mike introduce him as a member of JLU. We haven't seen Metamorpho in the New 52 and he would fit in perfectly with the team. I wonder who is BFF would be on the team.

5. Black Lightning: the majority of the team is white (with the exception of the First Nations girl). I'd like to see some more diversity on the team, especially African Americans. This would be a good opportunity to see Black Lightning interact with a Justice League and for him to get some more time since he hasn't appeared much in the New 52.

Note that I did not put Centrix on my Top Ten since he has blonde hair. However, he is on my Top Ten.

So, here are my ideal line-ups for the Justice League if I had the right to be editor:

Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal), Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Firestorm, and Element Woman

Justice League Dark: Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Black Orchid, Frankenstein, Swamp Thing, and Etrigan

Justice League United: Adam Strange, the First Nations Girl (based on the late Shannen Koostachin), Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Supergirl, plus new recruits Atom, Black Canary, Gypsy, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning (with Alana Strange backing them up)

Let me hear your comments about my two cents.