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Kyle Bastian

Hey, everyone!!!

I just found an interesting article about the up and coming Justice League United, which will come out next Wednesday. See for youselves:


I, for one, am looking forward to owning the entire series. Here's my opinion of the cast:

Stargirl: I wan't looking forward to her being on the team, but she's far better than putting Vibe or Katana on the team. However, I also wanted to see Simon Baz on the team, but that probably won't work. And it's good to have a teenage member on the team.

Animal Man: when I first heard about Buddy being on the team, it came to me as a shock. But then, I learned that he is one of Jeff Lemire's favorite characters. It will be like the 52 mini series again with Adam Strange and Animal Man on the same team. Here's hoping he studies grizzly bears, eagles, beavers, caribou, bobcats, raccoons, cougars, porcupines, lynxes, moose, snakes, wolves, owls, foxes, badgers, deer, rabbits, chipmunks, bison, Arctic seals, Canadian geese, bighorn sheep, blue jays, loons, turtles, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, puffins, beluga whales, black widow spiders, fishers, flying squirrels, squirrels, grasshoppers, herons, sharks, orcas, ladybugs, butterflies, cardinals, falcons, polar bears, rattlesnakes, pronghorns, trout, woodpeckers, grouses, salmon, otters, bats, sea lions, skunks, swans, walruses, wild horses, wolverines, and even Bigfoot so that he can adapt to Canada's wildest animals.

Martian Manhunter: he was an obvious choice for those JLA members who will transfer. Let's face it, J'onn is probably going to be the team's leader since he led the JLA. And I can't wait until he tries a Tim Hortons doughnut for the first time.

Hawkman: he was another one of my bets and I was euphoric when Lemire announced that Hawkman will be on the team. Seeing him transfer from the JLA to the JLC is a very good idea. Now if only there was an Atom on the team.

Supergirl: honestly, I thought Supergirl was not going to be on the team, but she's far better than putting Catwoman on the team. I pray that she will do far better than Catwoman on the team.

Adam Strange: let's face it, Adam was the first to be annouced for the team. Lemire will make him a science professor for the University of Toronto. Plus, it's great to see Adam Strange interacting with both Hawkman and Animal Man again.

Equinox: she's the newest superhero created and she was annouced second. Finally, Lemire let the cat out of the bag. But there are two things that disappoint me. First, she is one of three teenage girls who hang out with five older men. There should at least be an older woman to be a role model to the girls. Second, she's the only minority in a predominantly "white" team. But still, Equinox rocks. I just hope Lemire does a slumber party storyline between Stargirl, Supergirl, and Equinox.

Green Arrow: let's face it, he was an obvious choice since Lemire enjoys writing the Green Arrow comic. Plus, he was one of my first picks for transfering members from the JLA to the JLC. Seeing him, Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter on the JLC really lifts my spirits.

Sure the team may be Courtney, Buddy, J'onn, Carter, Kara, Adam, Miiyahbin, and Ollie, but I'm also hoping for more members as time goes by. Let's start with my most important choice for the first recruit: the Atom. Jeff Lemire is writing the Future's End comic series and Ray Palmer is playing a major role in it. And with September being the Future's End crossover month, the Justice League United Future's End One Shot should be the perfect opportunity to have Ray be the Atom and officially join the JLC. Another reason I want the Atom on the team is because Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter are all on the team and I think it would be appropriate to see the Atom join as well. BTW, if Ray doesn't become the Atom, maybe Lemire can resurrect Ryan Choi and have him be the New 52's Atom. But, still, I WANT THE ATOM IN THE JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED!!!

My second choice for new members is Black Canary. With Katana off the team, it would be great to have Dinah join in her place. She can still be with the Birds of Prey as well. Also, I'd like to see Ollie and Dinah met in the New 52.

Choice number three is Centrix of the Global Guardians. Let's face it: only five Global Guardians appeared so far in the New 52 (Fire, Ice, Godiva, Dr. Mist, and Olympian). And Justice League United would be the perfect opportunity to see Centrix make his New 52 debut since he's a Canadian.

My fourth choice is Cindy Reynolds. The Gypsy character in the Vibe series was actually the daughter of Darkseid and not the Cindy Reynolds we all know and love. I would like to see the real Gypsy character join the Justice League United. After all, Cindy is from Detroit and she was the Martian Manhunter's first teenage sidekick. I also wouldn't mind her working and befriending with Stargirl, Supergirl, and Equinox.

Next on my list is Black Lightning. I don't think that Equinox should be the only minority of the team. Add some more diversity on the team. Case in point, Jefferson should represent the African Canadian community. Plus, he could be the perfect fit for the team.

Finally, I would like to see Metamorpho on the team. Since the JLC is fighting the Unimaginable, an enemy of Metamorpho, this would be the perfect opportunity for Rex Mason to make his New 52 debut. Also, I'm a big Metamorpho fan.

A final though arises as I look forward to the new comic: what will become of Katana, Vibe, and Simon Baz? We all know Catwoman will be busy with her own comic and all, but what about the other three? Personally, I hate Vibe since he was one of the worst Justice League members before the New 52 started. I wanted to see Simon on the team since every Justice League team should have a Green Lantern and Simon is just a stone's throw from Canada. Katana was one of my first bets, but she'll most likely return to the Birds of Prey or guest star in Green Arrow's comic. As for Steve, he'll be popping up around the DC Universe.

So, in conclusion, I'm planning to get two copies of this fantastic masterpiece. Kudos to Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone on the fantastic Canadian team. And when I get my copy, I'll try and go to Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse to celebrate.

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James Hunter

Thanks for posting your thoughts (I don't mean that sarcastically even if it reads like it!) now let me share a few of my own:

As a fan of the character since Geoff Johns invented her I am really looking forward to seeing Lemire's take on Stargirl. I hope there's a little more to Courtney then the character has shown in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

I am also loving Lemire's Ollie Queen (GREEN ARROW hasn't been tis good in nearly a decade, yes I have been reading comics that long!0 and I am most excited to see what role he plays on the team.

I've been a J'onn J'onzz fan since Grant Morrison wrote him in the early 2000s and I'm sure he will be team leader (I hope so at least).

Hawkman is not a character I have ever been particularly fond of but we can't have a whole team of good characters so I'll deal with his membership. I kind of feel the same about Adam Strange, neither of them are characters I *hate* I am just not as fond of them as I am many other characters in the DCU.

Equinox has the potential to be interesting, I just hope not to much emphasis is placed on her race. It would be unfortunate if she became the representative token character of the team and nothing more.

Oops, I nearly forgot Animal Man! Buddy is a character I have a lot of time for and I particularly enjoyed him in 52 and in his Vertigo series by Grant Morrison.

As for characters I'd like to see added to the roster, there are a few which I will list below:

1) Black Canary - I know that DC wanted to establish Ollie and Dinah as seperate characters in the NEW 52 before the inevitable meeting of the 2 but I think the time has come for them to meet.

2) Blue Devil - I loved his appearance in DC PRESENTS and it would be a shame to lose him to limbo!

3) Roy Harper - Basically, I want the character *away* from Jason Todd and Starfire because that's the only chance he has of being interesting now and I think it would be interesting to see Roy and Ollie on a team together (8without8 the spectre of drugs which used to hang over their relationship)

4) Cassandra Cain - I'd love to see her introduced in the NEW 52 and I think Lemire would write her well (based on his writing of Shado!)

5) Blue Beetle - Its criminal that Jaime (or Ted) is not being used and I'd like to see Courtney have someone closer to her own age (assuming we went with Jaime) to relate to!

Finally, before I forget, to answer your question on the remaining JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA members I can tell you that Katana will be appearing in GREEN ARROW at least for a few months, Simon Baz will be appearing in GREEN LANTERN and, as you say, Catwoman has a role in her BATMAN ETERNAL and her own solo series.

Vibe (and if you don't like him I can only assume you didn't read his excellent series!) is the only one who I don't know where they will be appearing next but it would be nice to see him involved in MULTIVERSITY IMO.

The reason Simon can't join the Canada team is because of the deal Hal made with Guy and the Red Lanterns which allows Simon to be the ONLY G.L on earth but he can't leave earth 9which we know this team will do!)



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Kyle Bastian


I'm very glad you've answered my post. First of all, let me just say that someone agrees with me when I say that Black Canary should join JLC. Although the Atom is on the top of my list, Black Canary falls in at #2. The group needs an older woman for the team and Dinah is the woman to be it. After all, Stargirl, Supergirl, and Equinox can not always fight alonside older men.

About your other choices, Blue Devil is in my top 20 choices for potential membership (though I'm not too sure about him joining), Roy Harper is better off with the Outlaws, Cassandra Cain should be with the Batman Family, and Blue Beetle will most likely appear in the upcoming Booster Gold comic. Besides, Supergirl and Equinox are both around Stargirl's age (I would like to see Jeff Lemire write a story where the girls hold a slumber party one day).

As for the Vibe comics, I bought them and I read them. They were OK, but my beef about Cisco is that he reminds me of the 80s version from Justice League Detroit that I wasn't a fan of. And, on top of that, they also brought back the Hank Heywood Steel in Earth-2, another character I hated. I liked it better when both boys were dead and that they would stay that way. I just hope DC could introduce ALL of the Global Guardians (including the dead ones) to the New 52 one day. Who still remembers the likes of Impala, Bushmaster, and Thunderlord? Frankly, I do. (Hey, they brought back Doctor Mist, Fire, Ice, Godiva, and Olympian, why not bring back everyone else. Rising Sun should be first).

Like I said, I was hoping Simon Baz Green Lantern would be on the team, but now I know he has to stay on Earth as was his bargain with Hal. Katana was another early choice, but I dropped my bids for Tatsu when I learned she was better off with the Birds of Prey and/or Green Arrow.

But still, I'm looking forward to reading the exciting adventures of Adam Strange (and Alanna), Equinox, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, and Supergirl in Justice League United and maybe see the Black Canary join the team instead of Katana.

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