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Subj: My Justice League related reviews for May
Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 at 04:46:16 pm EDT (Viewed 7 times)

Hi everyone!!!
Just came back from my comic book store and I got every comic from this week, as well as most comics from this month. My favorite, as expected, is Justice League United #1, but I'll get to that later since I want to cover the Justice League related comics, since they all have something in common.

First up is Forever Evil #7, the end of the year-long story that covers the DC Universe. We see a scene where Bizarro is hugging Lex Luthor and Catwoman (my least favorite member of the Justice League of America) says that they're cute together. Next, Cyborg returns and Batman and Luthor forms an alliance. We later learn that Superwoman and the Earth-3 Luthor are having a baby. This later leads to a fight between Earth-3 Luthor and Ultraman and another between Superwoman and Deathstorm. Deathstorm explodes in the battle. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson, Batman, Cyborg, and Catwoman locate Firestorm, which leads to a confrontation with Owlman. Elsewhere, Earth-3 Luthor fights Deathstroke, Captain Cold, and Luthor and kills Bizarro. The two Luthors fight as well as Ultraman. During the fight, Firestorm releases the other heroes from his chestpiece. Luthor stomps on Atomica. We later learn that Superman is dying from Kryptonite poisoning. Luthor saves the day by removing the Kryptonite from him. Black Manta, Black Adam, and Sinestro leave Lex Luthor and Captain Cold and Catwoman breaks up with Batman and continues her solo career. We later meet Ted Kord who meets with Luthor. While Aquaman, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern Simon Baz, Shazam, Katana, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman came back from the matrix, Element Woman and Vibe are apparently missing and probably never existed. We later learn that three Crime Syndicate members are still alive: Owlman is missing, Ultraman is still upset about his defeat, and Superwoman is talking with Wonder Woman. Luthor learns that Bruce Wayne is Batman. At the end, we meet the Anti-Monitor, which could be the start of the next big event in the DC Universe.

Next, I want to talk about Justice League of America #14, the final issue of the series. We start off with Stargirl having a talk with Steve Trevor about what happened during the events of Forever Evil. We later find Martian Manhunter trying to find the whereabouts of Stargirl. Trevor tells Stargirl that the rest of the team is elsewhere, but could not give anyone's whereabouts. We find out that Catwoman returning to a life of crime, I for one am so glad to see Catwoman off the Justice League and back to her solo adventures. I was also glad she did not join the new line-up. I never wanted her on the new roster. As for Simon Baz, he was rescuing a kid in his native Detroit. He is later congratulated by Green Arrow and Ollie asks Simon if they can form a team. That doesn't work and Simon flies off. If only Simon was part of the new Justice League Canada along with Ollie, Carter, J'onn, and Courtney. Katana is seen in the Himalayas where she is offered a ride by Green Arrow. She, too, refuses Green Arrow's offer and wants to go solo. So, Green Arrow wants to reform the team, but Simon and Katana refuses. We also learn that Hawkman, Vibe, and Element Woman are all nowhere to be found, however, in Justice League United #0, we find out that Hawkman is fighting Lobo and is actually going to join the new Justice League Canada. In the end, Stargirl and Martian Manhunter reunite and decide to stick together. The events continue in Justice League United #0, which was meant to come out after the comic was released. And we find out that Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow will be forming the team, alongside Animal Man and Adam Strange. Not only that, Hawkman will be on the team as well.

My final thoughts on the Justice League of America: not a bad team, but I didn't know that the team would last long. While some of the members were appropriate for the team, I wasn't too sure about the others. Here are my ranking of members, from favorite to least favorite:

1. Martian Manhunter: I'm glad he joined the Justice League and I'm far happier to see him take a position in Justice League Canada. I like Martian Manhunter and I'm glad Geoff used him on the team. I just hope he sticks around for Justice League Canada where he serves as a leader to the team.

2. Green Arrow: another favorite of mine. While he didn't join the big guns, I knew the Justice League of America was the perfect team for him. I was also glad that he was announced to be a member in the Justice League of Canada since Jeff Lemire is using him in both his comic and in JLU. I really want to see more Martian Manhunter/Green Arrow teamwork in Justice League United. Maybe Ollie can inspire the newcomers like J'onn.

3. Hawkman: another appropriate addition. Brings a Silver Age vibe to see Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman together on a team. I just hope they would stay a team during Justice League Canada. However, I see that things aren't looking bright for Carter, as we will see in Justice League United #1. But still, when Jeff Lemire announced that Hawkman was going to be in Justice League Canada, I was euphoric with joy. I just hope Hawkman stays with the team in time for more members.

4. Green Lantern Simon Baz: while I enjoyed the new Green Lantern, I actually am a big fan of Hal Jordan. But still Simon is a powerful Green Lantern. At first, he was on my wishlist for the new Justice League of Canada since Detroit is near Canada, but since he's wanted on Earth, he could not fit in with the group. Also, seeing him with Vibe reminds me of the days when Paco (Cisco's predecessor) hung around Hank Heywood Steel. We'll see more of Simon in Green Lantern and Justice League, where he'll be training the new hero Power Ring. Maybe one day we'll see him in Justice League Canada.

5. Katana: of the three female on the team, she is my favorite. I also enjoyed the Katana series and she was on my Justice League of Canada wishlist during the beginning since she'd probably fit in with the group. However, she'd be better of the Birds of Prey. As for current whereabouts, we'll be seeing her in Green Arrow. It's too bad Birds of Prey will be cancelled in August. That would be a perfect opportunity to see Katana where she belongs. So, like Simon, it's a fond farewell to Tatsu for a while.

6. Stargirl: when I first heard that she was joining the Justice League of America, I thought that she wouldn't last long on the team and would emigrate to Earth-2 like Mister Terrific. However, in later stories, we find out that Stargirl would be J'onn's new partner. Move over, Cindy Reynolds. Looks like you've got some competition on your hands. She was the least expected announcement for returning JLA members joining the new Justice League of Canada, but I'm glad she fits in perfectly with Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and eventually Hawkman. I'd like to see more of Stargirl as she forms a close friendship with not just Martian Manhunter, but also Hawkman and Green Arrow.

7. Vibe: I wasn't too crazy about him coming back. I always thought that Vibe was one of the worst members of the Justice League Detroit (the other being the often forgotten Hank Heywood). But then Geoff Johns decided to bring back the hero, but give him the Nathan Heywood treatment by calling him Cisco and removing the breakdancing from his powers. We don't know where he's going to end up, but I for one would like to see him suffer the same fate as his 80s counterpart. In short, I think Vibe sucked.

8. Catwoman: honestly, Black Canary is much better than this common crook. She was used because Batman was on the other Justice League team. To Jeff Lemire, PLEASE DON'T ADD CATWOMAN TO JUSTICE LEAGUE OF CANADA!!!

As for others I wanted to see on the team, I was expecting to see Atom and Black Canary on the team. Maybe they can be used for Justice League of Canada.

Next up is Justice League #30. Why would they replace Superman and Flash with Lex Luthor and Captain Cold? I just hope the roster becomes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal), Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Shazam in the future and Luthor and Captain Cold retain their evil ways. Plus, we see Justice Cruz being possessed by the Power Ring of Power Ring. And they said she's joining the team to replace Green Lantern. I just wish Hal would return to the team. Plus, we find out that Element Woman is now a member of the Doom Patrol. Now, I just hope Vibe is dead.

Finally, the reason why I posted: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #1. Picking up where Justice League United #0 left off, we see Hawkman fighting Lobo on the Moon of Thalsalla. Our hero tells Alanna and the other prisoners to run. Back in Moosonee, Ontario, five heroes (Animal Man, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Adam Strange) continue to fight the mysterious fire alien they fought in the last issue. As Stargirl takes a stab at the villain, the alien turns from fire to stone. Watching the fight is Miiyahbin Martin, a.k.a. Equinox. During the fight, Adam Strange stumbles into a hole and finds some costumes. He puts on the costume and uses a ray gun on the stone alien. The alien turns into lightning and shocks Green Arrow. Animal Man, and Martian Manhunter. Stargirl distracts the alien and Martian Manhunter reads the alien's mind telepathically. The alien is revealed to be a group of aliens, one of which being Dr. Benlodion (if anyone remembers the Silver Age comic Justice League of America #42, released February of 1966, this could be linked to the Unimaginable, an old Metamorpho foe). Back on the Moon of Thalsalla, Alanna and other prisoners fight the Khunds and they find an imposter of Adam Strange. Meanwhile, Lobo and Hawkman continue to fight and Lobo cuts off Hawkman's arm (I'm hoping he grows his arm back again). Back in Canada, Green Arrow and Animal Man find Adam Strange intact while Stargirl and Martian Manhunter continue to fight the alien, now a tornado monster, over a harbor. As Stargirl and Martian Manhunter fight the alien, it turns into snow, hair, and wood. Using their teamwork, the two heroes defeat the alien with a thud. Adam Strange, Animal Man, and Green Arrow join the two heroes as Adam declares the five assembled heroes the new Justice League. The alien reassembles and the five heroes are now in the Deserts of Nagalis. Meanwhile, Alanna finds out that her beloved Adam is an alien. At the same time, Lobo carries the defeated Hawkman to Byth who holds a baby alien in his arms. The alien is known as Ultra the Multi-Alien (raise your handsif you remember the character), assembled by the DNA of the prisoners to destroy worlds. And I thought Ultra the Multi-Alien was a good guy.

Just like #0, Justice League United #1 is a terrific issue. There was more Martian Manhunter/Stargirl bonding, as well as Green Arrow/Animal Man bonding. However, we only saw Miiyahbin in two panels and not her as Equinox. She did not have any dialogue. And I was hoping to see more of her. Plus, we see more Hawkman (here's hoping he ACTUALLY joins the Justice League of Canada in the next issue). And I'm glad I saw Adam Strange in costume. Not only that, I realized that the fire alien is actually the Unimaginable, who can change appearance. But there were some things that puzzled me. First up, there was no Supergirl in this issue. But rest assured, she'll be appearing in the next issue. And I hope she and Hawkman join the group in Issue #2, coming at you in June. Also, how can they leave out Metamorpho when they're fighting his enemy. He's one of my Top 10 for new members.

As for the future, we'll see Hawkman fighting Lobo in Issue #2 (June). Perhaps the tables will turn as Carter lashes out on Lobo (and maybe with a new arm). While Hawkman fights Byth, we'll see the five heroes fight Byth as well. Issue #3 (July) features the possible death of one of the teammates (say it ain't so), Hawkman probably sacrificing his life to save Rann (a longtime enemy of Thanagar), and more of Equinox. Issue #4 (August) will feature the stunning conclusion to the exciting story. Perhaps, the team will be Adam Strange, Equinox, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, and Supergirl as I supposed. The Future's End Special will feature the JLC and the Legion of Super Heroes fighting a Martian invasion. And I also picked up Batman/Superman #10, which featured the debut of the New 52 Atom. I just wish Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone could put him on the team as the ninth official member. And I hope we see a now mature Ultra the Multi-Alien join as well. And with Birds of Prey cancelled, the Black Canary should join the team as well. So, if I wrote the team, it would be Adam Strange, Equinox, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Supergirl, Atom, Black Canary, and Ultra the Multi-Alien, with Alanna backing them all up.

So to Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone, keep up the good work!!!

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