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Kyle Bastian

Subj: My review of Justice League United #2 with some spoilers
Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 05:20:48 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)

Hi everyone,
I got an issue of Justice League United #2, only instead of the cover with Hawkman battling Lobo, I got the 1950s Stargirl variant, though I am hoping to get the Hawkman/Lobo cover. This is the third chapter of the five part Justice League Canada storyline.

It begins with Miiyahbin (Equinox) and her friend discovering the bunker where Adam Strange got his costume in the last issue. The two girls encounter the same creature they met in JLU #0. On Planet Rann, the five heroes (namely Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Annimal Man, Adam Strange, and Stargirl) enter the planet's capital city of Ranagar. There, Green Arrow and Animal Man have another word fight when Stargirl tells the two men to knock it off. The reason why was because of the Unimaginable was back to fight our heroes. Green Arrow tries using an arrow to attack the creature while Stargirl and Animal Man attack him high. The latter uses a strange animal for his attack. Then, out of the blue, Supergirl appears and she's no longer a Red Lantern. As soon as Supergirl attacks the Unimaginable, the six heroes find a containment field around them and another one around the monster as well. The heroes and their enemy are contained by Sardath and his soldiers and are their prisoners.

Back on the Moon of Thalsalla, Byth puts Ultra in a container. As soon as Lobo hits the kill switch, Hawkman returns and challenges Lobo to a rematch. Fortunately, Carter's arm grows back, courtesy of the Nth Metal. Lobo threatens that he will cut Hawkman's wings off. Byth later awaits the awakening of Ultra.

Back on Rann, Adam Strange wonders if Alanna is on the planet. Sardath tells the hero that a Zeta Beam brought them here and Alanna was a capitve of Byth. Sardath goes on to tell the whole story that the Polaris and Vegan systems were in an ongoing interplanetary war. Among those in war were the populace of Thanagar (Hawkman's home planet), Czarnia (Lobo's home planet), Psion, Tamaran, the Dominators, and the Daemonites. He also mentions that there many refugees from those planets, including the greatest minds from these planets who were safe on Rann. They discuss a plan to prevent destruction of their planets. The Thanagarian delegate suggests they should create a super-weapon. Sardath suggests they should create a symbol of peace and unity. This plan was a child of all of their worlds. Sardath tells the assembled heroes that they chose remote locations on each world where they can set up bunkers and laboratories. He further tells the League that Byth learned about the plan. Green Arrow tells Sardath that the former Justice League of America (of which he, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and Stargirl were members of) fought him on an early missions. Martian Manhunter adds that he escaped ARGUS. Sardath tells the group that Byth discovered the Earth group of Rann and infilitrated the Canada base. The villain later killed the group in Canada took the Ultra project for himself. Animal Man discovers that the skeletons were actually those of the Rann people hiding in Canada. Sardath adds that Byth captured not only Alanna, but also other prisoners from other planets, including Hawkman, and is now hiding on the Thanagarian moon of Thalsalla. Martian Manhunter tells Sardath that they are willing to stop Byth at all costs and reminds him that he, Green Arrow, Animal Man, Stargirl, Supergirl, and Adam Strange are the new Justice League.

On the moon of Thalsalla, Hawkman continues to fight Lobo to a standstill, which leads to a fight in the galaxy. Hawkman warns Lobo that he will kill both of them. In the laboratory, we see some of Byth's men preparing Ultra to be born and to change the universe. All of a sudden, our six heroes (Stargirl, Animal Man, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Adam Strange, and Supergirl) smash into the laboratory. Alanna reunites with her boyfriend. An assistant of Byth warns the Justice League that they're too late and releases a beam of energy.

The next issue promises us the coming of Ultra the Multi-Alien, the God of War. Also, we will learn if Hawkman will sacrifice his life to save Rann (and Thanagar), if Miiyahbin will face her fears and become the hero Equinox, if Adam and Alanna are truly united. Also, all of this might spell death to one of them. The issue following that wraps up the whole storyline.

Overall, I thought it was an OK story. Good to see that Supergirl is now working with the team. However, I cant wait to see the team interact with Hawkman and Equinox. I'm also looking forward to Hawkman reuniting with his old Justice League of America colleagues Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and Stargirl. And while I like the Miiyahbin character, I'd like to see more of Equinox. In addition, I would like to make a personal request to Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone: please add the Atom (Ray Palmer) to Justice League United. I hope he is added to the team in the fall. Also, since Birds of Prey will be cancelled in August, I'd like it if both Mr. Lemire and Mr. McKone adds the Black Canary to the team as well. I wish I can see her and Green Arrow interact. Finally, have Ultra the Multi Alien mature and fight against Byth. Until the next issue, I'll be signing off.