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Subj: JL #31: Big stuff happening...
Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 at 05:16:02 am EDT (Viewed 378 times)

Big stuff happening. Finally it's a JUSTICE LEAGUE TITLE AGAIN. Yay!

Did you read and/or like buzz about it?!

Here's others' fourchan quickposts about it...


    the lex-batman dynamic is surprisingly awesome so far


    alfred the trillest


    lex ain't doin himself no favors tbh

    the shazamborg is real

    Did Shazam suddenly contract Downs or something?

    Cold's taking this in stride pretty well if you ask me. The faces had me thinkin mahnke face syndrome speaking of what the hell happened to Reis?

    Johns rescuing us from Johns.

    did you not read all of shazam?

    Oh it was amazing. And all the Justice League issues with those back-ups finally have real meaning.

    damn power ring you lookin' fine as divalish and that costume rules unfortunately your ring is spawning devilbeasts

    >My favorite team will be ruined by Johns

    Well. That costume is horrendous. Geez that eye tattoo/mark...

    I have high completely unrealistic expectations for this

    Geoff does love him some rings... As do I.

    First reverse sexy jutsu on a bunny god in naruto and now this. my sides cant take much more today

    Have to have a bat version of everything huh,Bruce

    >Jessica Cruz was raped?!

    >10 out of &^%$ing 10.

    >Hip young Captn Cols.Still bemused by everything.Still a crotchety old man at heart


    God bless you Billy.

    The Doom Patrol die more than Alpha Flight.

    I wonder if the Chief is still the same guy who screwed over Caitlin Fairchild and her kids.

    Reis is doing an issue of Multiversity, maybe that's affecting his ability to do Justice League for a month or two.

    >The one in Forever Evil where Johns introduces the Doom Patrol just to have them get ruined so this version should stick for a while.

    Yeah! Element Woman is alive!

    >whatshername turns out to be a feminist man hating lesbian

    I imagined a romance between her and captain cold

    I thought Lex would ask where Grayson is. Since Lex knows Batman knows Grayson is alive but Bruce he has to pretend to believe he is dead. So if Lex tells Bruce that Grayson is actually alive he should be shocked to learn this and ask for more information to to continue to keep up the illusion that he isn't Batman. Of course I guess Alfred being there and him hearing this would ruin the sub-plot of him not knowing Gryason is actually alive.

    is anyone hype for the next arc johns teased today called THE AMAZO VIRUS?


    more like a plot where the heroes become evil and turn into amazos which could give cyborg something to do


    >Attacking Alfred?! &^%$ you Lex! I don't care if you saved the world, nobody gets to attack Alfred. I hope you get stomped by a sentient gorilla you buttface.

    The ability to someone ping pong tables... The most useful superpower of the year!

    ping-pong projectile weapon to be used in combat !!

    Cold getting that mad respect! Love that and I hope to see more of the Legion of Doom toiling in fame.

    cold was meta for a while until deathstorm tore it out of him with the matrix. if lex is after something in cold it could be related to either. though in all likely hood lex just wants to make cold his patsy.

    Wonder what Project: Wannabe is...

    HRM! What if this leads into New 52 Infinity, Inc.?

    Maybe Lexxy is going to found the Legion of Doom!

    "aquaman smells like fish market" Why that little snot nosed &^%$. Aquaman smells like ocean breeze :_:

    Billy Batson tells it like it is.

    Lenny doesn't look as pretty as when Manapul draws him but he's still ridiculously cute also I like how he's just wearing his costume's glasses as sunglasses

    >Delicious Element Woman


Here's my linksearches for it...
Justice League 031

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