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Subj: My review of Justice League United #4
Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 at 05:08:17 pm EDT (Viewed 4 times)

Hello, again, fellow Justice League Canada fans.
Have I got a review for you. I finally picked up Justice League United #4 at a local comic book store. I read it thoroughly and I loved it. Here's what happened:

In Moosonee, in Ontario, Canada, Alanna tries to find her beloved Adam Strange, but couldn't find him. She dons a blue suit similar to Adam's red one (there are also yellow, green, and purple suits) and finds Miiyahbin's friend Heather. She needs help finding her friend Miiyahbin.

On the planet Rann, the Thanagarians blast the Rannians that their experiment was illegal and immoral and that they blame the Rannians on Hawkman's death. The Rannians assure the Thanagarians that Hawkman was killed by Byth. The Thanagarians also wanted Ultra to be destroyed. Martian Manhunter reminds the Thanagarians that Ultra is a child. All the Thanagarians wanted to do was take Hawkman home. Animal Man and Green Arrow later have a guy chat and Green Arrow tells Animal Man that he barely knows Hawkman and that they both served in the JLA. More tensions arise when Supergirl and Stargirl blast each other. Martian Manhunter tells Adam Strange that Hawkman's death was his fault and that he was a poor leader. Adam assures J'onn that Hawkman's death was not his fault

In Moosonee, Heather and Alanna follow the tracks that leads them to a cage. Along the way, they encounter the same demon Miiyahbin encountered issues ago. The two girls find Miiyahbin in the cave.

On Rann, the Thanagarians take Hawkman's corpse back to his home planet for burial. Stargirl asks about the fate of Ultra and Martian Manhunter takes Ultra under his wing. Sardath sends Ultra and the team, save Adam Strange, back to Earth. Adam asks about his beloved Alanna and Sardath tells his that it was strange Zeta Energy Feedback that caused the two to switch places and tells Adam to stay on Rann, which causes Adam to break into tears.

En route to Thanagar, the Thanagarians attacked by Byth and Lobo. Lobo gets paid by Byth in the form of a computer chip which gives the coordinates of Lobo's next destination, where an imposter is waiting. Byth later takes the corpse of Hawkman back to Thanagar.

Heather and Alanna find Miiyahbin stuck in the cave's ice. The only thing that can get Miiyahbin out is for her to say the magic word "Keewahtin." There, she becomes Equinox and blasts the entity.

At the Zeta Base in Moosonee, the team returns. With Alanna missing, Martian Manhunter suggests locating Alanna and informing her of Adam. Stargirl is concerned that the group will disband. Animal Man thinks the bunker will make a good headquarters for the team and Green Arrow informs Animal Man that the old JLA is defunct. The only reason the team was formed was to fight the main Justice League, which was a big failure. Martian Manhunter agrees with Green Arrow and reminds the team about Hawkman's sacrifice. He thinks the team should stay. Animal Man asks if this is the new Justice League of America and Green Arrow tells Animal Man that they're in Canada. Animal Man thinks the name Justice League of Canada would sound ridiculous (I, on the other hand, don't find it ridiculous). Martian Manhunter thinks it sounds like the team's name sounds like a team for just one government, being Canada. He wants the name to sound like heroes coming together. Stargirl suggests the name Justice League United. For once, Animal Man and Green Arrow agree on the name together. Green Arrow jokes that they should all join hands and sing a song of peace. But the joke was interrupted by Heather and Alanna, with Equinox in their hands, which would lead the way to October's story.

All in all, a very moving and powerful ending story. However, there were some factors that were unclear to me. The main one is when will Hawkman return from the dead and rejoin the team he was born to be on? I was hoping for a resurrection this issue, but Jeff Lemire seemingly left Hawkman on Death's doorstep. And I always thought Hawkman was a crucial character in Justice League United. I just hope he is resurrected and rejoins the team in the fall. And when he returns to the team, have him be friends with Green Arrow and Animal Man again. That would be the ultimate bromance.

Another thing I hope for is more members. The biggest name on my wishlist is the Atom. Jeff Lemire did a superb job on making Ray Palmer the Atom in Batman/Superman, why not put him in Justice League Canada? After all, he needs a home and some friends to work with. He can even be close friends with Hawkman once Carter rejoins the team. Other names I would recommend to Jeff Lemire are Black Canary (let's face it, Birds of Prey is over and Dinah could use a team), Black Lightning (we need some diversity on the team), Metamorpho (a character I wanted to see on the team since the team was announced), Cynthia Reynolds (in place of Cisco; I could just imagine her being close friends with Stargirl, Supergirl, and Equinox), and Ch'p (in place of Simon). Therefore, my dream Justice League Canada team would be Martian Manhunter (leader), Green Arrow, Hawkman, Stargirl, Adam Strange, Supergirl, Animal Man, Equinox, Ultra the Multi-Alien, Atom, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Cindy Reynolds Gypsy, and Ch'p. Make it happen, Jeff.

Next month, we'll travel five years in the future during the Future's End Storyline. And in October, we'll see Equinox's baptism of fire on the team (and hopefully Hawkman's resurrection). Until then, Justice League of Canada rules!!!

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