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No replies but lots of views to the previous 2 so here's a quick reaction to keep bringing the chatter with...

Justice League 033

> Justice League #33 is a good issue, but not as great as previous ones. The lack of focus on most of the team here is very disappointing, along with a lack of Doom Patrol action. There are still pluses here, like the climax of the issue and the writing in general, so this isn't a bad issue like some may say. It's still good, but let's hope for some more attention for the rest of the cast in the next issue.

Another big plus was the entire issue of wonderful artwork. That review pretty much sums up my take from this installment too. The rest of it along with the more than generous mark here:

Power Ring/Batman interaction and Batman/Luthor interaction stole the show. In some ways the only show to speak of. There was some potentially interesting storyseed with Niles mysterious backstory hinted at too. Otherwise the Justice Leauge and Doom Patrol action would have been just as colorful if it was merely text only in narration boxes. In fact, that's what is unfortunately done with Superman and Diana here:

Superman was a bit of pushover with the decision about Lex but then again the current version of Batman could sell air miles to a penguin.


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