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Subj: My Review of Justice League United #8
Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 at 11:52:55 pm EST (Viewed 3 times)

I'm back with a full-fledged review of Justice League United #8, the fourth of six chapters of the Infinitus Saga. The first half should have been in a Legion of Super Heroes comic since it has nothing to do with the JLU. We start with Dream Girl staring into space, recalling the Legion's origin of how a small team of Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad became a powerful team called the Legion of Super Heroes. The flashbacks seen include the founding three Legionnaires fighting Universo and later a lot of the Legion battling the Fatal Five. Back in the Legion's time, Star Boy (another Legionnaire) tells Dream Girl to come back to reality since the Infinity Wraiths have arrived. Among those helping out are Blok, Lightning Lass, Cosmic Boy, Colossal Boy, White Witch, Ultra Boy, and Lightning Lad, all of whom help Metropolis. Meanwhile, Element Lad, Duo Damsel, and Bouncing Boy rescue New Tokyo, while Invisible Kid, Shrinking Violet, and Matter Eater Lad fight the Wraiths in London. Infinitus has arrived in Metropolis. Dream Girl asks the Science Police to send them to where Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl, Mon-El, and Phantom Girl are. The Legionnaires are sent via time bubble to the 21st century.

In the Polaris System, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Mon-El follow the rocket ship, but are caught in an explosion. Hawkman (who is actually a member of the Justice League of Canada) tells his former teammate Martian Manhunter that he is too late, but he is attacked. Luckily, the Legion arrives just in time. However, they find out that Byth has Ultra. Martian Manhunter is too late to rescue Ultra since the boy wants to be with Byth. With J'onn failing, it's up to Supergirl to rescue the boy, but another explosion occurs. Brainiac 5 correctly calculates what is going on in the battle. Dawnstar, Phantom Girl, Blok, Animal Man, Green Arrow, Stargirl, and Equinox witness what is going on. It appears that Infinitus has arrived.

The story continues in issue #9, which is out in February.

Although I kinda liked the dialogue, the story was just half-LOSH, half-JLU. And I was also hoping for Hawkman to return to the team. We also don't see much Green Arrow, Stargirl, Animal Man, or Equinox. However, I liked seeing Martian Manhunter and Supergirl in action. And we don't see any Adam Strange. Maybe all of this will be fixed next issue. However, I liked seeing the Legion of Super Heroes (I wish the Substitutes like Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Fire Lad, Night Girl, Polar Boy, and Stone Boy could take part as well).

Sufficient to say, there will be no JLU in April and May due to Convergence. However, JLU will stay onboard in June (unlike Justice League Dark, my least favorite of the four Leagues). However, Jeff Lemire will not be writing the comic anymore. We'll be getting a new writer. Here's my expectations for the JLU in June:

1. Keep the team's current members. Sure, this may be a spin-off of Justice League of America, but I like the line-up the way it is. After all, you have Martian Manhunter as the leader, then there's Adam Strange as the team scientist, following that, you have Green Arrow, Animal Man, and Hawkman as those three guys that spell out all the action, and finally, you have Equinox, Stargirl, and Supergirl as the three teenage girlfriends.
2. Have Adam and Alanna reunite on Earth. I don't like the Zeta Beam effects on them.
3. Bring Hawkman back on the team. He's too important to be put in limbo (unlike Cisco, Tatsu, and Simon). He needs to be on the team. He can be perfect working with Animal Man and Green Arrow.
4. More action in Canada. Sure, this is an outer space comic, but I'd like to see some action in Canada as well, especially since there will be a Justice League of America comic coming out in June.
5. Have the JLU fight the Injustice League of Canada, which is a spin-off of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. The line-up should be Despero, Count Vertigo, Shadow Thief, Shiv, Shaggy Man, Blockbuster, Blackstarr, Copperhead, Killer Frost, and Chronos.
6. Add some more members appropriate for the team. First and foremost, I want the Atom added on the team. He would fit in perfectly with the team of Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Hawkman. My next choice is Starfire. With Red Hood and the Outlaws cancelled and Starfire getting her own comic, it would be perfect to see her on the team. Next up is Black Canary. She would fit in perfectly with the team, especially Green Arrow. Finally, in place of Cisco, Simon, and Tatsu, it wouldn't hurt if you replaced them with Gypsy, Ch'p, and Metamorpho.
7. Have the Justice League of Canada team up with the mainstream Justice League.

That's all from me. I'm hoping to get Justice League United #9 some time soon.

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