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Subj: JLA #1: What was YOUR reaction to new premiere?
Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 at 07:02:07 pm EDT (Viewed 527 times)

JLA #1

Here's some 0-hour reactions posted at fourchan. Just going to reply to a few of 'em -in italics below- 'cuz this premiere doesn't deserve a much more than that.

Justice League of America #1 S(...) 06/17/15(Wed)03:12:47 No.73060964
File: Justice League of America(...).jpg (1.52 MB, 1988x3056)
Bryan Hitch JLA begins here

> This was the book to read to set the stage for the DCYou. Verdict: Disappointment.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:15:25 No.73060998
Why do DC hate Super-heroes underwear.

> Looks like the Tron duds are out for the most part. For good or bad. Verditt: undecided.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:20:57 No.73061059
Why is Lois wearing that? She is at her job.

> Maybe she just got back from a high society interview?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:24:17 No.73061101
What's the premise for the JLA? What happened to the regular JL? I haven't been keeping up with all the changes going on at DC right now...

> This issue was NOT reader friendly in the least with any kind of post-Convergence commentary or followup.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:25:29 No.73061114
Wasn't supe's identity supposed to be revealed? Where in continuity is this?

> Not sure of details. The solicited promo page has screamed it. http://www.theactionpixel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/superman1.jpg

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:26:01 No.73061120
Also, the hell is his belt buckle insignia?

> Hmmm...

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:27:09 No.73061129
this isn't following main story, story trumps continuity

> Fail.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:27:26 No.73061134
JL and JLA are running concurrently right now. Both books have access to the same members. It's just part of DC new lenient policy on continuity.

> Really? That don't sound good. Was that the source of the sarcastic in-story reference?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:28:23 No.73061149
because it's stupid
because it's not the 30's anymore and your precious strongman type don't even wear those panty trunks anymore

> The costume aesthetics was the least of the premiere's problems.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:28:26 No.73061150
Wait when did they change that? Was that what convergence was?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:30:48 No.73061176
is this part of DCyou or whatever it's called? Can you summarize or link to whatever universe changes are coming?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:31:20 No.73061183
It's a change starting this month, but Convergence didn't cause it. There's no plot line for that decision, they just told people they'd do it and now they are.

> Huh?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:32:15 No.73061193
Nothing changed. They have always published out of continuity stories. Convergence did nothing, it was just filler. You are overthinking this.

> Nothing? Seems a legit question to think about.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:33:00 No.73061205
So they're just telling stories they wanna tell and not really caring how it fits into the universe? I like it on plenty of levels but the lack of cohesion kinda bugs me...

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:35:42 No.73061241
>boxing gloves, sharks, mini guns even a helicopter - going all out

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:36:57 No.73061257
There's probably going to be some baseline rules for characters, it's just going to be much looser than before. Think Superman showing up with his powers in his regular suit in Starfire when he's going through a weird arc in his own comic. They could reference the current arc, but they're not beholden to it. They're also making a bunch of comics that are just not really "canon" at all like this one or All Star Section 8, that just tell the story however they please without affecting any other books.

> Y'mean that was a serious answer above??!!

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:38:00 No.73061268

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:38:31 No.73061271
That's some stellar dialog by the team.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:39:17 No.73061283
I completely forget one member of the Justice League hadn't shown up yet.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:39:19 No.73061287
awful pacing, cutaway and in media res without character introduction

> Agreed.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:39:46 No.73061298
Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I've just been foggy about this whole thing. If done right I'm totally on board for the freedom it'll give creators. What's the tell for non-canon though? Certain DCyou titles I can tell are non-canon but this one seems legit on the surface at least

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:40:53 No.73061316
free your mind

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:42:11 No.73061340
It isn't in continuity. Post-Convergence DC is more about storytelling than shared universe, and JLA is about as far-removed from continuity as you get. They're self-contained, standalone stories.

> Why do people keep saying this? Is THIS what CONVERGENCE did?! Sad if so.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:42:33 No.73061346
Just reading the solicits or the book will tell you, really. This book isn't canon, but it is still legit Justice League (although honestly I'm not digging it so far.)

> Sounds like lazy.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:43:02 No.73061354
honestly it's the 90's again. Thanks so much image, now artists like the finches and hitch and berjeemo think they can write. DC has to indulge them or they won't work there. I've never thought more of jim lee and joe q then now. Even after being able to do this, they know they aren't writers.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:43:44 No.73061361
You're making this more complicated than it actually is. It's just like how you know "Batman" is considered the main Batbook because Snyder is on it so if Detective contradicts things somehow it's not that big of a deal.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:44:18 No.73061370
You're probably right. I'm probably over thinking it. Oh well. I'm enjoying most of tue new titles so again, I'm not complaining.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:47:29 No.73061419
>Rao is real?
What the f?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:48:43 No.73061439
Why not? Norse gods are real. Greek gods are real. Kryptonian gods could be real too.
Although really chances are this is a sham somehow.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:50:54 No.73061462
Rather than having 52 books all in the same continuity, and really focusing on keeping a universe that's tightly connected and has super-internal consistency, and really one flavor, we've really broken it up. We'll have a core line of about 25 books that will have that internal consistency, that will consist of our best-selling books. But then the rest of the line, about 24 titles, will be allowed to really shake things up a little bit.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:50:54 No.73061463
It's not that they're bad, it's just that editors don't do anything anymore other than go online and start s***storms trying to promote their own books

> Please tell me that Secret Wars isn't going to end the same!

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:53:55 No.73061490
no this dialogue is just bad. Unless an editor is going to come in and and write for them then I don't see what good an editor could do

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:55:36 No.73061516
Edit? They can cut half of it out, and it still works

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:56:14 No.73061523
This book feels really strange, like first we have the whole Parasite thing which went on.. unnecessarily long, now we have Rao appaearing out of nowhere. The pacing is weird.
It's like "Oh? He wants more power? Let's give him more power!" Which didn't even fucking work even though the characters stupidly thought it would work somehow and kept trying it till Cyborg drained him. Hek, I had a hard time caring for Parasite in this.

> Yeah.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:57:28 No.73061546
The whole point of story > continuity is that editors stop basically writing the books, which is what they were doing at the beginning of the new 52 which is why all those creators left DC and started badmouthing them.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)03:58:08 No.73061558
this might've well been a normal sized issue

> Yeah.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:02:42 No.73061634
He's saying that this dialog is bad, but it's bad in a way that's hard to fix without a lot of rewrites which is overstepping the editor's bounds which is exactly what Story > Continuity was supposed to prevent. It's bad because the writer is bad, not because they have a bad editor.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:03:47 No.73061650
F U rao you let krypton die

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:04:01 No.73061651
nothing, writers got mad, along with artists because editorial placed restrictions on characters and concepts. Steph Brown was an example. Several writers would include her in a script and editorial would make them take her out. Or lil gotham, nyugen was forced to rework panels that featured her.
Which has nothing to do with artists who can't write being given books and them choosing to do everything because anyone can write. (logic that led to McFarlane paying 100 grand an issue to the likes Gaiman when everyone thought Spawn 1 sounded like a grade schooler wrote it)

> Comic universes have moved fine for decades. If you're going to play in the sandbox, play nice.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:04:38 No.73061659
I think Hitch was trying real hard to imitate Morrison in this, especially in dialogue. Pacing was a bit off but the Lois/Clark scene, for example, was spot on

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:05:24 No.73061667
Spawn 1-7 and 8-11/16-18 are great examples of the difference between a bad and a good writer.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:12:27 No.73061759
Damn, there was way too much "damn" in this dialogue. It felt like the writer was specifically told to PG-13 it up.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:26:52 No.73061941
Supes being a real A hole in this.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:30:18 No.73061979
Yeah the writing was reminiscent of Justice League Origin/War/the early Jim Lee stuff in that everyone was acting like a jerk to each other as opposed to the recent Johns stuff where they're all on much better terms.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:41:19 No.73062118
It's probably because I'm sleepy from being up all day, but this book is off to a slow and boring start.

> Amen.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:44:10 No.73062164
How the hell does a &^%$ing power plant have more power than a Green Lantern Power Ring, the Speed Force, a Sun and a God of War?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:45:39 No.73062182
Jesus you people need to read it again, the plan wasn't to overload him with power, it was to dump all of the power from Parasite out elsewhere.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:46:17 No.73062196
The JL jobbing hard again like in JL #41. Clearly without Aquaman around they are totally ineffectual. ;p

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:49:11 No.73062234
Which means... for example, Batman could get his head cut off in his book while in JL he'll have head for no reason?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:51:16 No.73062252
Batman's "dead" right now, but it's not stopping DC from using him here and in John's own Justice League.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)04:55:52 No.73062291
It is supposedly set in the 5 year gap between Justice League 6 and 7 according to interview a gorillion years ago

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)05:03:24 No.73062336
Flash is seriously the worst Justice Leaguer.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)05:27:22 No.73062552
The poses in this book are just awful. That weird mid air, leg spread thing they keep reusing is just...disconcerting.

> No memorable scene, especially disappointing for a premiere, that's for sure.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)05:32:50 No.73062596
It's sort of Hitch's thing since the late 90's.
I don't know what it is but I haven't really enjoyed Hitch's art that much since Ultimates 2.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)05:47:32 No.73062697
>that last panel
Got some old school Supes vibes right there.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:07:47 No.73062858

> Is that a guess at the identities of the 3 at Infinity Corporation??

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:08:20 No.73062862
I'd give it a 7/10. A little awkward here and there but ultimately a solid read. Hitch isn't the best writer but he's better than quite a few out there.
Also, this is a fat issue.

> That seems a generous mark.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:40:04 No.73063188
Now this is what I like to see. Superhero political figures actually doing political!

> The whole USA vs Atlantis thing read same old.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:47:39 No.73063246
This was my favorite part of the issue. I'm looking forward to see where Hitch plans to go with this for Arthur.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:47:40 No.73063247
this is a long monthly, I like it

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)06:57:25 No.73063333
i want to like this book, but honestly, its not that good presently.
the thing is that stuff wasn't that internally consistent before.
hopefully it won't be super decompressed or some garbage

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)07:52:29 No.73063743
Barry's supposed to be the smartest of the team, but he screws up everything (when the writers remembers he's actually part of the team)

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)08:18:36 No.73063974
It's funny how fanboys like to act like Johns is always downplaying Batman but it is really Flash that he has been doing this to.

06/17/15(Wed)08:19:49 No.73063983
Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)08:19:49 No.73063983
I'm pretty sure Batman does more than like, everyone else combined in JL

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)09:02:14 No.73064432
Yep, it was also nice to read about the Justice League for once and not just a select few members.

> Well, that's true. Still, after this - might end up giving 'the new' JLUnited a try (haven't read it since #3).

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)09:34:22 No.73064881
I've been wanting to see Aquaman in congress being a politician for years. This came so close but it's more like Arthur just dismissing everyone and wanting to stay excluded rather than actually getting involved in the world's affairs.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)09:40:03 No.73064961
I don't know if you people are trolling or just being retarded and unable to read comics with comprehension. "Main" books are still obviously following continuity. The just cut down on dragging other books into family crossovers and added onut-of-continuity series like Prez.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)11:00:39 No.73066337
If you read new Lois you'll see she's a really shallow person with no skills that gets ahead by being manipulative and dressing sexy to get promotions
Also she sells out Superman dooming much of the world and getting countless civilians killed then gets pissy about people talking to her about it.
Lois: Strong female meant to embody the modern feminist ideal

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)14:09:04 No.73069970
Arthur, you're a king. Why are you showing up to speak to world leaders in your superhero getup?

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)14:11:59 No.73070038
Hitch draws a great Flash

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)14:20:33 No.73070231
Look at this economical storytelling. Just broke someone out of prison in a single page.

Anonymous 06/17/15(Wed)15:29:24 No.73072043
I guess having Hitch do 7 variants was worth it.

> Not.

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