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Author Topic: I'm Starting My Sabbitical NOW...


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I JUST got word from the doctors at Barnes. I don't know the time of day yet, but I go into the hospital August 31 for the operation.

Now I DO have one more improvement for my eye. Remember those Slinky Glasses they used to sell? The frames were empty, but each eye hole had a small Slinky attached to it, with a small eye on THAT. I just want one of the Slinkies fixed up so whenever a pretty girl walks by, I can lift up my eye patch and have the Slinky BOINNNNNNGGG all over the place! I'll be just like a Tex Avery cartoon! (If you don't know who that is, LOOK HIM UP.)

I figure I'll learn how to play a few new poker games. I'll call it "One-Eyed Jacks! I'll ask, "Whoever wants to raise the bet, raise your hand and say EYE!"

I'll also ask the docs if they can fix my butt while I'm in the hospital. My OLD one's got a CRACK in it! ;\)

Now, I've gotten a little bit of negative criticism for my sense of humor (but not much). I just wanted to explain myself a little bit here. This whole thing scares the HELL outta me. This is just my way of COPING. It still feels like the other shoe is about to drop.

Okay, rant's over. Thanks for lettin' me blow orf some shteam. I'll be back in about a month, give or take. With a little luck, I'll see ya then! \:\)

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