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Author Topic: Justice League West #1
Kyle Bastian

Hi everybody,
With the cancellation of Justice League United, I've decided to think up a Justice League team for the West Coast. Here's my idea for the first story.

Seattle, Washington. Two robbers decide to rob a bank. Suddenly, an arrow captures both of them. This was the work of the Green Arrow, recently retired from the Justice League. The police take away the bank robbers and thank Green Arrow for his services. As Green Arrow strides away, he reminisces about his past encounters with the ARGUS Justice League of America and Justice League United and thinks that he misses working with a team. He tries to call former members of both teams, but there is no answer from anyone.

All of a sudden, Count Vertigo and Shiv attack the archer. Green Arrow gets the urge to call up his former teammates and only Stargirl, fresh from the disbanding of the Justice League United, shows up. She blasts a ray at the two villains as Green Arrow shoots an arrow. Stargirl asks Green Arrow why he left JLU. Ollie says that he needed some time as a solo hero. Courtney tells Ollie that she is bored with life now that the JLU disbanded.

At UCLA, a young college student named Alyssa Montoya is harassed by do badders. In defense, she says the word RELAMPAGEYA and uses her lightning attacks on them. The bad guys gang up on her, but Ollie and Courtney show up in time to help her. The bad guys run away from the three crimefighters, claiming they have better things to do. Alyssa thanks Ollie and Courtney for helping her rid the college of the thugs. Courtney suggests having her join them as a team. She tells Green Arrow and Stargirl that her codename should be Relampageya because she was born with lightning powers. Ollie and Courtney suggest talking to a professor about these powers, so they turn to one of the campus' eminent professors Ray Palmer, alias the Atom.

En route to Professor Palmer, Chronos begins to attack the three crimefighters. But Professor Palmer witnesses the fight and turns into the Atom. In desperation, Atom helps Green Arrow, Stargirl, and Relampageya fight Chronos, who summons Shadow Thief as a back up. While the fight is taking place, Hawkman soars above UCLA and sees some of his old friends in the melee. Feeling remorse for what he did to them while he was under the control of Byth, Hawkman swoops down and joins the fight. The hero successfully takes on the two bad guys, who work in tandem with Count Vertigo and Shiv. Green Arrow and Stargirl reunite with their longtime teammate and the Atom tells the other three heroes that Hawkman is an old friend of his. Stargirl asks Hawkman how the others are going. Carter is unsure about the JLU teammates, but tells Ollie and Courtney that Tatsu is now with the Suicide Squad, Catwoman is currently pursuing a solo career, and Simon and Cisco are both retired from crimefighting. He isn't too sure about J'onn.

At a coffee shop in San Francisco, Dinah Lance orders a café for herself. All of a sudden, her old nemesis Bo Maeve shows up with Shaggy Man in tow. Seeing that this is an opportunity to fight her, Dinah becomes the Black Canary and another fight begins. Feeling overpowered by both Bo Maeve and Shaggy Man, Black Canary calls for help and help comes in the form of Green Arrow, Stargirl, Relampageya, Atom, and Hawkman, five heroes she has never seen before. As the six heroes fight the two villains, Hawkman discovers that there is a connection between all of the encounters they have faced during the day.

All of a sudden, the villains freeze as another participant mind probes them. It's the Martian Manhunter, who has informed the assemble group of heroes that the six villains they were fighting are all working together to terrorize the West Coast. Stargirl gives Martian Manhunter a hug and tells him that the JLU is now disbanded. J'onn knows about the disbanding and asks about Adam, Alanna, Buddy, and Miiyahbin. He is also happy to see Ollie and Carter again and meets Alyssa, Ray, and Dinah.

Green Lantern John Stewart picks up Bo Maeve and Shaggy Man and takes them, along with Count Vertigo, Shiv, Chronos, and Shadow Thief, to California's finest jail. He tells the assembled group that that he, too, took part during this onslaught and that he caught Sonar in the act as well. After taking the seven villains to jail, he returns to the group and informs them that Simon Baz died a hero. J'onn thinks that in Simon's honor, they should form a team to defend the West Coast if ever the mainstream Justice League is busy. The other heroes agree and the Justice League West is born.

Meanwhile, in Detroit, Cisco Ramon returns home from work. An android comes over to him and strangles him. Someone shoots him dead, which leaves the story open for issue 2.

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