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Author Topic: issue 2 thoughts [SPOILERS]

Well so far so good! I like where they are going with this and was sad to see Mr America buy the farm. Personaly I was always a big Steel fan and took a liking to the character during the Detriot JLA days. Its nice to see his legacy continue. I am looking forward to the development of his character. Starman...so far, pretty crazy (all puns intended ;\) I imagine this is the Starman from pre crisis DCU and also the one from Kingdom come. I am not exactly sure how differant they are but am familar enough with Legion contintuity to about the year 2000..(not sure what the new LSH comic is like) I really like the fact that they seem to draw Jay now more his age and the scenes with Wildcat and his son were reflective of how that should be given Ted's personality. I am curious to see the direction they are going with this. Also another highlight was Starman's viseral reaction to America's death and his out of control gravity powers. As far as I know those are his only powers right??? I think he flew through a comet at some point but my memory is a little hazy on that one. Damage..wow he seems to be pretty bitter and I think its telling of his character the way he disrespects MR America's legacy with his comments. These are most likey comments rooted in anger and sadness as Grant has been though alot with the death of the original Freedom Fighters. I am also looking forward to the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover.

as always good reading to you all

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