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Author Topic: Power Girl's place in the restored multi-verse? (spoilers?)

We've already seen evidence that Power Girl is known/remembered by characters on/from the new Earth-2.

Since she's also remembered as arriving on mainstream Earth ("Earth-1?") in the ship that brought her from Krypton, and only having a vague memory of being Kryptonian, what can we conclude?

Did something happen in the history of the new Earth-2, AFTER she arrived and became known, where she ended up back in her ship, penetrated the dimensional barrier, and landed on mainstream Earth with her memory clouded?

Wouldn't that be the only explanation that'll support her having a valid history on both Earths?

This seems to be the way they'll HAVE to go.

The only thing is, how in the world they'll explain her memories of the pre-Crisis Kal-L...expecially with him having DIED in her arms...with there apparently being a live one on Earth-2 who'll insist HE is her cousin, I dunno.

Comments? \:\-\|

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