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Subj: JSA 13 thoughts and comments [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 05:05:23 am EST
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Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 02:56:35 pm EST (Viewed 1 times)

Hello all. I finally got caught up on my comics reading and I have to say that I enjoyed JSA 13 alot. I really liked the scene with Wildcat boxing against the new Judomaster. It was not even the sparring match I liked so much in the characterization of Damage, Citizen Steel, "cosmic cowboy" Starman (Thom Kallor),and Wildcat jr. Their conversation showed alot about them in a short space and thats good storytelling to me. "You know we have some in the kitchen, you just have to put it in the microwave." (Steel to Starman)(on popcorn) (Starman to Steel) "Put it in the microwave? Oh no I could'nt be that cruel." That cracks me up and shows a little bit of the character's personalities. I also liked how Jakeem Thunder was a bit threatened with the presence of the new members, that and no pictures of him and the Thunderbolt up (up yet..imo) made him think the other team members may be forgetting him. His annoyance is understandable as that would bug me to if I were in his shoes. Also when the Thunderbolt and Starman salute Citzen Steel is another amusing part and even the best was the conversation between the Thunderbolt and Damage. Great stuff! ;\)

Onto the new potential members...I like them and think that they are all pretty interesting. This to me is again the talent Johns has for introducing new characters. Cool concepts and things that at first seem out of left field but I am sure he is going somewhere with all this.There was some nice legacies touched on that have not been mentioned or known till this point. (at least thats my take) The story threads seem to always weave into a nice tapestry or bigger picture if one will.

some thoughts and comments:

1) Amazing Man: I really liked the orginal one from All Star squadron (with his Absorbing man like powers if you will) and thought that having Will Everett's legacy tied into the civil rights movement was pretty cool. Inclusion of real life events and history is always cool to me in the context of an Earth with a metahuman population. (Like the DCU) He is up there with MLK and Malcom X apparently now for influence and philosophy. Markus Clay gave an interesting speech as well echoing the teachings and understanding of his grandfather. Also as a Starman series (Robinson) fan I was glad to see the first grandson mentioned and confirmation of his unfortunate death at the hands of the Mist.I also remember Amazing Man 2 in the JLA and Extreme Justice as well...

2) Mr America: (Jeffery Graves) I find this character compelling. I have always been a fan of characters with limted power and the investigative skills that he has coupled with his backstory makes the character seem more human to me. He definately is a mortal man but he has such willpower and determination it makes me feel like he could even have some leadership potential. The very fact that he survived a solo encounter with Gog shows me his tenacity.Also I am curious to see if the whips he uses are made of a unique material...I am not sure if this was ever explained...as I am not the most familiar with the original Mr America character.

3)Lighting: Cool look and interesting backstory in that she is a daughter of Black Lightning. The last time I read a comic with BL in it was the original Batman and the Outsiders and I did not realize he had a family with meta human members. The constant electical field idea has some cool applications and she is a classic neophyte hero who needs training. I also like that she met Stargirl and Cyclone first as thats a good thing as they are all close to the same age,etc...I have to wonder how strong her energy/electrical field actually is and I hope we have a chance to see her cut loose. She is a legacy character I was unaware of till now.

4)Corporal David Reid: This is a cool character concept. The FDR legacy character! Very nice nod to the formation of the JSA and his symbol reminds me of the Illumanati pyramid or the all seeing eye. I like mystic origin characters and this is a neat idea. I also like how he referred to the symbol as a "brand" rather than a mystic tattoo, I wonder what the story is with that?? Also the idea that the US military has metahumans in it that are not costume wearing heroes is interesting as well. "Brass don't like advertising it for obvious reasons." 'nuff said.

speculation...I wonder when its all said and done if Jackeem will be on this "team" and if they move on from the JSA...just going by the cover on this one but its just a thought.

Personally I think that the JSA is growing in number to take on Gog (etc) and show how powerful of a villian Gog truly is....I am also interested in seeing how Kal-el (of Earth 22) fares against Gog and if he will still be around after the "Thy Kingdom Come" plot arc is over.

As always good reading to you all.