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Subj: JSA 13 comments and thoughts [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 at 04:27:28 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Is Ross' Contribution Finite?
Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 at 03:57:41 pm EDT (Viewed 1 times)

Hello all. Its another Sun and I got to reading some of my comics. Just finished reading JSA 13 and thought I would make a post,etc.

The cover: To me I really like Alex Ross' artwork. His photo realistic style brings alot to the table and also the eye for detail is impressive. I like how the different characters (GL, Flash,etc) are all looking in different directions and all have different looks on their faces. I rather like how Alan Scott is looking at the Kingdom come Superman with a look of skepticism and a look of confidance. (of Alan's own power perhaps) Terific and Mid-night being paralel and looking at each other is interesting as well. To me that shows them on a higher intellectual plane and the respect they have for each others abilities. To me that is what the symbolisim and thier placement on the cover margins mean. Also this cover reminds of me comics from the late 70's etc when Dc woud have headshots of the whole team on the cover and/or splash pages. To me its a way to have alot of detail (visually) and to convey information when lack of space (because of number characters represented) is at premium.

The issue: I liked the interaction between Star girl and Courtney. The number of members of the team is addressed in a good way and again Jakeem seems threatened by it. The humor of him kicking open a door and saying "Whoever is in this room is Steppin' on OUUUTTT!" cracked me up in that he was kicking in Lightning's door. The fact that her parents were in there with here and moving boxes were everywhere make it even more amusing. The take on Black Lightning was good too and as was the "hands off" line to Jackeem.
I was glad that Mr America was not killed by his injuries by Gog. He is a cool character to me and I hope his knowledge of profiling can be used against Gog in some way in the future. Superman (of Kingdom Come)reaction to Gog was played well too. The acknowledgement of Magog is good as well as taking the elements of the Kingdom Come story line and mingling them with the overall DCU (Main Earth) history. Power girl asking if Gog and Magog "were people or places" was a great insightful question. As a personal fan of myth and art of storytelling it was nice to see the mythical versions of Gog and Magog explained from different sources.
The idea of Gog as a "god from the Third world" is interesting and this idea is from Superman (of KC).That Superman (of KC) does not know what this completely means is also interesting. Personally (and I think this just speculation) I think that Gog might be another alternate Superman. When I look at them physically they seem very similar. I have brought this up before on previous posts. What do you all think about this theory?
The idea of Magog as a legacy villian is also interesting. As the idea of legacy is a recurring and prominant theme in the JSA it makes sense that the villians would have a legacy too.
Superman (of KC) visit to the Daily Planet was handled well and his reaction to being there made sense to me. He is still experiencing grief over how his friends were murdered by the Joker and thats understandable. I really liked how the art changed to Alex Ross' style during the flashback to make it look like the Kingdom come series. Question does anyone know if those are pages from the KC series or new actual art? I think its new but I could be wrong...either way the it makes the flashback sequences work.
Superman (of Kc) and Superman (of mainstream DCU) was handled good. Learning from background of the mainstream DCU Gog was interesting. I did not know they introduced him before and really only knew of Gog through Kingdom Come and the Kingdom. William Matthews (Gog) almost has a juggernaut like origin with mystic powers and all that...just similar on the surface.
The fight with DCU Hercules was cool. The two Supermen taking the fight out of him was handled well and I liked the symbolisim of Herc being through through the Lion statue. This also again showed the power lv of the KC Superman in that he could take a direct hit from a "greek god" (Or demigod in the case of Herc) and come out unscathed.
The end of the issue: The statue (or face of a statue) that Gog was bowing to throws some question into Gog's identity. Could who we think is Gog really be Magog and the statue represent Gog? Could that be Darkseid? as another poster thought? another "god" from the Third World?? We will have to wait till next month and see.

as always good reading to you all.

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