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Subj: Starman (Star Boy) question...
Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 at 12:21:56 am EDT (Viewed 24 times)

I'm trying to wrap my brain around the Thom Kallor / Danny Blaine Starman thing. I read James Robinson's Starman in detail, but I've gotten a little lost wading through Legion of Super-Heroes history and figuring out who the JSA's Starman is (or isn't).

1. Star Boy 1.0 (classic LSH hero)
2. Star Boy 2.0 (Zero Hour reboot, meets Jack Knight, learns he's Danny Blaine)
3. Star Boy 3.0 (black, apparently unrelated to this)
4. Starman Kingdom Come
5. Starman Blaine (from the end of Robinson's Starman)
6. Starman Kallor (crazy)

Who all here is the same guy? I get that Starman Kallor is based on Star Boy 1.0, but I got the impression from The Lightning Saga that this "classic" Legion wasn't exactly the same continuity as the pre-Zero Hour Legion, making him just a version of SB 1.0. Meanwhile, Starman Blaine (who brought Jack Knight back to the present from the 1950's) was supposed to be a preview of Starman Kallor, yet he remembers meeting Jack as Star Boy 2.0, who isn't from the same Legion as those seen in The Lightning Saga. And is the current Starman LITERALLY the same guy seen during Kingdom Come? Or just based on his design, like Cyclone?