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Subj: Just read JSA 27-28. Here are some thoughts
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 at 03:52:38 pm CDT (Viewed 13 times)

I finally got caught up on JSA and I can say that the last 4 issues have been interesting. Personally I was a fan of Johns run and was curious to see where the series would go now that he is gone. (although a friend of mine at the comics shop told me he was now writing Adventure comics...if anyone knows anything about this and can tell me I would apprecaite it.)

JSA issue 27: I remember when Ordway wrote the Power of Shazam and I feel that he has a fairly decent handle on the DCs WW2 era characters. I actually remember Kung from All Star Squadron so it was suprising to see him again.

Seeing Infinity Inc was pretty cool and I believe this the mainstream version of them from the DCU. Even if it only was in a flashback. I liked the conversation between Bones and Atom Smasher/Nuklon. It was good to see the history between these two characters referenced. Also the Bibbo part was humorous as was his defense for Superman. Bibbo refering to Black Adam as "Black Andy" was very much in character.

This story took time to build and I liked that. The way Obsidian was acting was strange to say the least but its almost as if he has retreated into himself. Perhaps its all the psychological damage Todd has been through. I have always wondered what the absorbsion of the Anti Monitor's shadow beings have done to him but that was from way back from the original Crisis on Infinate Earths.

I liked the way Atom Smasher/Nuklon talked to Todd as he attempted to reason with him. I remember them being friends and its good to see that remembered. I also liked how Obsidians powers countered his father's (Alan Scott Green Lantern) the whole light and dark angle as opposites.

I also liked the latest Spectre showing up at the end. Crispus Allen is no Jim Corrigan but I know they are trying something differant with the character. It makes logical sense that the Spectre would be drawn to stopping Kung's supernatural activities.

JSA issue 28: The only real thing I did not like about this issue (and its a minor point) is that it was called "The Phantom Meanace" (as and old Star Wars fan I can't take that ;\)

I liked how Mr Terrfic dealt with Marlee Hawthorne's (the reporter) take on things. His answers were sound and informative. As per usal the press tries to put a negative spin on things and Terrific puts it into perspective. The use of the Star girl's cosmic rod to warm someone after they have gone into shock is interesting.

Alan Scott's ability to deflect the atomic bomb explosion (even if it was a dream, supernatutal occurence or other wise) was impressive. It was cool to see him straining from the concentration. One of the best lines to me is "The hair on my neck stands on end, from the electric charage in the air, and I suddenly feel my will return to me. In that nanosecond after the detonation, but before the waves of searing heat reach us.....I find the willpower to resist.." Great stuff!

As a long time reader I appriecated the mention of the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail and thier influence over the hero's powers in WW2. It was cool to see that the Holy Grail's influence is why the JSA members powers were affected by its "sphere of influence" In my opinion this made Kung all the more dangerous.

One minor point of critisim is that there was not enough interaction between Flash and Green Lantern with the Spectre. I believe they have a long history with the Spectre and it would have been nice to see that explored more. That said Jay's line to Cripus Allen "A Word of advice --don't let the vessel control the host." was at least a step in the right direction.

I will comment on JSA 29 and 30 next time in more depth when I have the time.

As always good reading to you all.