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Subj: Power Girl #6
Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 at 02:03:24 pm EDT (Viewed 466 times)

I know that Power Girl is supposed to be a fun (not a grim) comic and that's just the way I want it, except this issue is so touchy feely that it takes away all edge from how the alien girls were initially introduced (as a threat to the whole planet). Fine if they're party girls who mean no harm and are barely super-powered so as not to present any real threat to Power Girl, but then where's the conflict in the story? I could have seen this story go in any number of ways - the alien girls are near Power Girl's level and inadvertently cause a great deal of damage while having fun; or they have some kind of hedonism ray that they blast the Earth with and they try to get Power Girl to join in with them after being impressed with her; or they can be alien princess partiers who accidentally broke some sacred taboo on another planet and now that planet's uber guardian tracks them down for payback and Earth/Power Girl gets caught in the middle - but what we got was just plain anticlimatic. I hope the next story arc is going to put some real stakes on the line so that it's not pure fluff. And I wouldn't even mind fluff if it was more fun, but this has got nothing on say, Incredible Hercules, right now.

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49xWJJvpjzI