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Sweep Second Hand

I don't know about the rest of posters on this board, but I am getting really tired of all these spin off series coming out of JSA when the main title is so conveluted. I have intentionally avoided Power Girl and Magog and nothing I am reading on the boards is convencing me that was a bad move. I will buy the 80 page special coming out this month since it looks like an extention of the main title. I am debating about the new All Stars comic. DC is going to have to give me a really good reason to add this to my pull. I also expect the main boo to do some shoring up and start having decent stories after the clean house or it's days in my pull may be numbered too. I love the Justice Society and I love Golden Age and legacy characters but this title is really floundering at the moment.

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My take on the state of the Golden Age characters right now is that it seems JSA is still top of the heap (although its differant from Johns take).

I have followed Willingham's work since the Elementals (for those who don't know was an old Comico book) and I believe he wrote some old D&D modules as well. It was alot of magic based stuff which imo is a good thing since there are a strong mystic based heroes (origin wise) Spectre,Dr Fate, Thunderbolt,etc)

That said I have not read Fables and can't really talk on that.

I also have not followed Power Girl and the other spin off series but a series I would read would be a Johhny or Jackeem Thunderbolt series. (as I really liked that character). A mini series would be cool.

I am also enjoying JSA right now so we will see where this all goes.

good reading to you all

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You should buy at least an issue or two to give them a try. Magog's not too interesting to me, but I've enjoyed some of the Power Girl issues. The latter series is uneven, but overall, I'd give it a B.

The new All-Stars issue that just came out today was above average. The pacing could have been better, but it was an entertaining read. Stargirl and Power Girl have a nice quiet moment together between the action sequences.

How to make an entrance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49xWJJvpjzI
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Sweep Secondhabd

I did pick up the new All Stars title but I am still avoiding Power Girl and Magog. I can tell these titles are not worthwhile for me from what I have read on the boards. I have never been a huge fan of Power Girl and I dislike Magog so it's not hard to do. I would much rather see interesting characters like Sand and JJ Thunder get page time than these characters.

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