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Recently, there's been talk about a new Justice League TV Show. Now I love the DCAnimated output, but I always thought there was a gap that should be filled in the Animated Universe.

A Justice Society Gap.

So here's my idea for a Justice Society TV Show that would tie to the previous JL outputs but also be a fresh start if they so chose. It would also be very comparable to the Justice League movies that might happen as well as the TV Shows. This would be the "safe middle-ground", continuity-wise, so that a kid could watch this and be eased into any of the other DC output.

The Premise: A world-spanning super-powered spy organization called the Justice Society must combat the machinations of the mysterious T.A.R.T.A.R.U.S. organization lead by the immortal savage known as Krull the Conquerer. But while this team copes with betrayals and the assassination attempts on their civilian lives by Krull, they take on 3 new charges into the team: A boy from Kansas with remarkable powers, a keen detective and martial arts master, and a mysterious young Greek woman with both powers and martial arts prowess.

The Team:

Jonathan "Johnny Quick" Chambers: Johnny Quick is an American Mathmetician . His base of operations is in Russia. He's in a relationship with Liberty Belle.

Alan Scott "Sentinel" Scott: Alan Scott is a computer engineer/mogul that created the new Lantern operating system. He has a power ring that allows him to discern whether or not someone is lying. His base of operations is Hong Kong.

Norda "Northwind" Cantrell and Carrie "Redwing" Levine: Norda and Carrie came to Earth after a huge disaster destroyed their dimension and they now work with the American government, while looking for remnants of their people on Earth. Norda can control Hawks and Carrie can control Doves that allow them both the ability to fly. Currently, they are spies living in France.

Kieran "Sandman" Marshall: Kieran is a photojournalist, stationed in Afganistan. He has prophetic dreams which he uses to stop future crimes. He wears a gas mask.

Jimmy "Spectre" Corrigan: Police Detective Jimmy Corrigan is killed before his time. His spirit remains on Earth as a "warder of Death", who uses his power to bring evil doers to justice. He also inhabits his dead body for periods of the time, eventually becoming a JSA Agent. People believe that he's just a metahuman, but only he knows the truth: he's just a ghost inhabiting the body of a dead man.

Khalid "Dr. Fate" Ben-Hassin: Doctor Fate is an Egyptian-American psychologist named Khalid Ben-Hassin. Khalid accompanies archaeologist wife, Linda Strauss while she is exploring a pyramid in Egypt and they discover the Helm of Nabu. They're both reluctant to wear it due to Nabu's spirit affecting his thoughts and sanity, but when they become trapped in the Pyramid, they both hold the helmet and merge together to become Dr. Fate. They currently live in a feature-less tower in Ireland.

Matthew "Hourman" Tyler: Matthew created a humanoid android known as Hourman for the American military. This android had enhanced strength, durability, and speed and people could "possess" the android, but only an hour at a time before the bond would start destroying the human host's body. While fending off Krull's forces, his body was destroyed. Now he's trapped in this android body, whose enhanced strength/durability/speed only works for an hour at a time.

Albert "Nuklon" Rothstein: Albert was the son of an American senator who was an International Atomic Energy Inspector. His father was killed during the first Gulf War. Unbeknownst to anyone, he gained super powers due to his father's continued exposure to Atomic Energy. This manifested when he joined the US military during the second Gulf War. He has the ability to deliver "Atomic Punches."

Jonni "Thunderbolt" Twotrees: Jonni is a private investigator living on an Apachee reservation, when she came across a golden statue that granted her magical powers of a mystical thunderbolt. Her JSA base of operations is in Wyoming.

Beth "Dr. Midnite" Chapel is a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina. Her father is a pastor. Her mother sings in the church choir and crafts her daughter's hero costume from a choir robe. Chapel has four brothers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Beth is also an agent code-named the "Dr. Midnite" and plays the role of a spoiled rich girl, while using that attenion as cover for her field obserations.

Victor "Star" Sono: Victor was an FBI Agent chasing down a corrupt police officer when he was struck by stellar energy from somewhere in space. He gained the power to negate gravity or increase density in objects. Victor takes the name "Star" and joins the Justice Society.

Michael "Mr. Terffic" Sloane: he accidental deaths of his wife and unborn child were a devastating blow to Holt- particularly since he considered himself responsible for the accident as he made his wife late for church by arguing with her about the value of religion-erry felt there were no challenges left for him to pursue, leading him towards suicidal tendencies. However, upon seeing a young woman jump from a bridge, Sloane reacted quickly and saved her. He learned her name was Wanda Wilson. Sloane assisted her brother, who had been caught up in a gang, by adopting his Mister Terrific persona. and while contemplating suicide, he was met by the Spectre, who told him about Terry Sloane, the Golden Age superhero known as Mister Terrific. Terry Sloane was portrayed as a intelligence agent transferred to desk duty, until the untimely death of his fiance by the story's version of the Scarecrow. He uses a rapier.

Hector "Wildcat" Ramirez: Hector Ramirez first appeared in Batman/Wildcat # 1 (April 1997), and was created by Chuck Dixon, Beau Smith, and Sergio Cariello. He was a boxing protégé of Ted Grant, the Golden Age Wildcat. After learning that Ted used to be Wildcat, Hector aspired to be his successor, something Ted refused. Hector then took one of Ted's old costumes and went out as Wildcat in Gotham City. In an attempt to break up a secret fight club where caged villains fought to death, Ramirez was himself caught, and killed by Killer Croc in the ring. The operators of the Secret Ring, Lock-Up and Ernie Chubb, were eventually apprehended by Ted and Batman.

Libby "Liberty Belle" Lawrence: Libby Lawrence is a famous journalist and podcaster for NPR Radio. For some reason, whenever the Liberty Bell was rung in Philadelphia, Libby Lawrence gained a rush of adrenalin, giving her enhanced strength and reflexes. She is in a relationship with Johnny QUick.

The Justice Society would be an Indiana Jones-style show translated to modern day Mission Impossible style action. The Sentinel, Johnny Quick, Golden Eagle, WildCat, Mr. Terrific, Starwoman, Liberty Belle, Hourman, and others are part of a secret society of super-powered spies. In Kansas, The Sentinel is attacked by the Valkyrie Brunhilde and he's saved by a teenage Clark Kent. Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, and their nephew, Marvin White, are saved from The Wizard by a mysterious young woman that washed up off the coast of Florida, asking for her mother in ancient greek. Detective Harvey Harris is killed after he investigated the murder of Sylverster Pemberton in San Francisco. His intern, Robin Malone, decides to investigate further after Harris's daughter implores him to help. As we investigate further, we find out that the culprit is Vandal Savage and his Injustice Unlimited spy organization who is trying to bring online the Surtur Program...a decimination failsafe that was in place by Nazis in case the allies won the war. Think of this cartoon as a 3-season show. The ongoing plot would be the battle between Justice Society and Unlimited Inc., with subplots including Clark Kent trying to figure out what he should do with his life, the mysterious Diana trying to find her mother who had been kidnapped and brought to the Man's World around 1945, and Robin "Matches" Malone finding retribution for the person who killed his mentor, Harvey White, while also trying to figure out how Wendy Harris fits into his life. This would be like "The Last Days of the JSA"/ "America vs. the JSA" meets Batman Year One/Smallvile/George Perez's Wonder Woman.

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