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Subj: Questions from a curious outsider
Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 at 01:56:27 pm EST (Viewed 1406 times)

I've not followed the Earth 2 story closely.

Did the original Earth get destroyed, and now the characters are on another planet along with survivors, making a new Earth? In more than one way, an "Earth 2"? That's the impression I'm getting from the bits and pieces I've seen and heard.

If this is a whole 'nother planet, is it in the same universe, or are the characters now in the same universe as the mainstream Earth?

Finally, I'd gotten the impression that the new 52 Jay Garrick was an adult. Recently it's looked like he's a kid. What's the story?

Finally, is Wonder Woman's daughter around, and is she good or evil? If good, any sign she'll take on her mother's "codename" and become the new Wonder Woman? Also, what are her powers?