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Subj: Another question... About the Earth-2 Kal-El and his family
Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 at 02:00:40 am EST (Viewed 1573 times)

Did I recently read somewhere that on Earth-2, Clark's adoptive parents were named John and Mary? Not Jonathan and Martha?

Odd thing is, in an early issue of Batman/Superman, it appeared a young mainstream Superman, transported to Earth-2, RECOGNIZED the Kents of Earth-2 as being doubles of his parents... You know, Jonathan and Martha.

Sort of odd if they had different first names.

Anyone have a solid enough grasp of this to clear it up for me?

Anyone able to answer a questioned I asked below, namely 'What effect is the yellow/red binary star system having on Karen's and Val-Zod's powers?'