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Subj: The Flash Arrives on Television...
Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 at 08:44:42 am EDT (Viewed 1520 times)

Just imagine, thirty, even just ten years ago, the notion of any live action translation of the generally obscure Justice Society would have been not just unlikely, but nonsense.
The lack of effects and filming techniques to bring to life the fantasy world of superheroes was one significant obstacle, but another was a general audience-wide resistance to the very genre of people in bright garish costuming. How strange is it then to be living through an era where the gradual ascension of the Superhero genre, as it evolves from the printed flat page of a comicbook, and arrives in the live action medium as a fully formed and convincingly rendered entertainment asset in its own right...?

This last two weeks we have seen indisputable signs that on the back of a successful tanslation of The Flash to screen the arrival of the once obscure and near defunct Justice Society is now imminent. The sighting of an aging Jay Garrick being unmasked on The Flash marks the promise of something quite significant occuring, not just for the television mileu he appears in, but for the direction of the JSA in DC Comics as a whole. But in the short-term what a remarkable sight it is to see a television producer be brave enough to not only consider the Justice Society as a valuable assett, but opt for bbringing to life perhaps its most distinguished and venerable member, to the point where they do not have any qualms about respecting his best known age and position as a veteran Superhero.

These are interesting times for the armchair JSA observor, after such a lengthy time of dissapointments and general lethargy towards the group Something quite major in scope is coming.....