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John Morrissey

"The justice society will be a covert group. Thunder wisked everyone but hawkman and Jay away."

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Per the response: "The justice society will be a covert group. Thunder wisked everyone but Hawkman and Jay away. Jay isn't connected to the universe now because of no link. All the adventures post crisis to up won't exist."

So... That is really trash. No clutterverse JSA, no Earth Two original JSA. The remnents of the REAL JSA acting as super spy covert ops homeless heroes... BARF!

Huntress and the REAL Powergirl (because hot blondes with ample breasts trumps black female representation EVERY time with me) exiled to that God Awfukl Earth 2 that failed, twice, but we are getting again. No Jay, no Alan, no Hawks, no Infinity Inc characters, no golden age characters, most of the Titans wiped from existence. Tin, Bart, and Connor gone. Outsiders gone. Marvel Family gone. I would imagine the REAL Wally West will be collecting Linda Park, his kids, and disappearing into the speed force soon so we can have the pleasure of reading about diversity Wally West exclusively. I firmly expect the Minute Men to be replacing the golden age characters in the new continuity. Oh, and I;m sure there'll be yet another attempt to sell us on the failure that is Wildstorm.

So, Rebirth is a dodge, a bait and switch, a kiss before violating the reader again. Well, luckily they tipped their hand so I can stop buying again. Hey, comics is entertainment, not art. I don't care about the writers' creativity cuz continuity trumps it. And if not, as the paying customer, I can spend that two hundred a month on other entertainment if I don't get what I want.

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Where did you read this information?

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I haven't heard a thing either. While it's possible DC might follow the 'Legends of Tomorrow' route I would be sceptical as in doing so they limit the potential of the Justice Society's universe. The whole Rebirth brand has been about restoring properties to their best, if the decision taken was to follow the 'Legends' route then what we will get won't be any more different to the Earth-2 outing they so successfully botched and squandered through indifference and ineptitude...

Embrace the Justice Society's world and legacy DC, don't be afraid of it. \(coffee\)

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You read that wrong

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It's a covert group but Jay and hawk wasn't part of the vanishing whammy placed on the justice soceity. They stil are members. Rebirth special already said it was covert. Many of the characters whisked away are the less powered ones.

No where they hinted in restoring all back issues. Alan Scott seems to have his story updated in present time unlike the rest.

Tim already exists so does the outsiders.

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