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Subj: This week's grabbings - Fallen Son and FF #545 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 at 06:51:29 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Questions about Immortal Iron Fist #4
Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 at 10:10:12 pm EDT

This weeks books for me were Daredevil #96, Fantastic Four #545, and Fallen Son The Avengers.
Haven't read Daredevil yet. Enjoyed FF. Didn't quite care for Fallen, though it had interesting moments. That's my spoiler free review.

To comment on the 2 books I read (which will include some spoilers but i'll try to keep them mild, so stop reading here if you don't want them):

I like the FF right now. We're getting action, characterization, guest stars, and humor and that's what the damn FF oughtta be. It's not the greatest FF has ever been, but in just a few issues, I feel McDuffie has essentially blown the doors off of JMS' run on the series. I didn't HATE JMS' take on the book, mind you, but after reading these, I think that THIS is representative of the types of stories that make FF the book it should be. It's cosmic, the characters are in character - I think that the Thing has been shown in this issue to be more the guy i've enjoyed over the years - not the docile person that we've been shown of recent times, but someone who jumps into the fray and reconsiders it later. Maybe someone will disagree, but that's my feel on it. The art is okay, not the greatest for me, but it works here and it's not distracting from the story - best part about this ish for me was the letters page, wherein Joltin' Joe Sinnott writes to the book - Joe is one of my, (if not THE) all-time favorite inkers. He gets some props here and I think he really deserves them.

Fallen Son? Oy, where do I begin? Maybe i'm bummed about Cap being dead, but I felt the first issue was a little "forced." By that, I mean - Wolverine asking Daredevil to pitch in so he can tell if Crossbones is a liar. DD just felt tacked on to the story. Like Loeb is trying to include as many Marvel heroes in the story as he can just to have them appear at some point as it progresses. Also, Iron Man's posturing has become a HUGE annoyance to me - CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET THIS ONCE-PROUD CHARACTER REDEEM HIMSELF? Anyway, FS Avengers is more of the same. Mighty Avengers in a fight I could care less about, and Thing and the New Avengers playing poker in a game that depresses (probably intentionally) more than it entertains. The Thing (personality-wise) starts off the story - I have to assume that even though he's registered, the New Avengers trust him enough with their secret hq's location. A couple Young Avengers also appear in New Avenger's hq - I was under the impression they had registered? Maybe I was wrong, but they are there in Doc Strange's with the rest. As for the story itself? Well....I guess we'll see more of Spidey's reaction in his turn on this series, but so-far Loeb has portrayed him like a blubbering child. Seriously. Spidey. Hey Loeb...the guy has lost his Uncle, his Aunt, is currently losing her again, his first love - countless loved ones....I think he can handle Cap's death better than this. I suppose of all the characters that Marvel HAS to draw upon for this "role" in the story, it makes sense to use Pete this way..but, like I said at the feels "forced." I am considering dropping the series, despite high hopes. It IS what Marvel promised, but i'm not getting out of it what I expected. That's not Marvel's fault...maybe I needed to suspend expectations. If I had, i'd probably be more tolerant and appreciative of this story. Maybe someone who liked it alot can add their view of it. Sometimes getting a different perspective helps to like something more.

That's my view of it anyway. Thanks!

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