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Subj: My bets for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC Volume 3 Cast
Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 at 12:10:31 pm EDT
Reply Subj: It will probably be addressed in "Secret Invasion: Inhumans"...
Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 01:09:28 pm EDT

Hi everbody,
Since the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC Volume 3 is coming out in two weeks, here's my bets for who's going to appear in it:

X-Men 2004: Cyclops
Spider-Man 2004: Daily Bugle, Digger, and Doctor Octopus (Octavius)
Avengers 2004: no one, unless Yellowjacket becomes Doctor Pym again
Hulk 2004: Doc Samson and Nadia Dornova
Daredevil 2004: Daredevil, Milla Donovan, Echo, and Elektra (not the skrull)
Wolverine 2004: Cyber and Deadpool
Book of the Dead 2004: Cypher, Destiny (Destine), Destiny (Adler), Dorma, and Effigy
Golden Age 2004: Destroyer (Aubrey) and Doctor Druid
Women of Marvel 2005: Crystal, Dagger, Dark Angel, Dazzler (Blaire), and Domino
Marvel Knights 2005: Daredevil, District X, Doctor Strange
Age of Apocalypse 2005: Dark Beast (c'mon, he was crucial in Endangered Species)
Spider-Man 2005: Jean DeWolff and Doppleganger
Teams 2005: Defenders
Fantastic Four 2005: Doctor Doom
Avengers 2005: no one
New X-Men Yearbook: Dust
Alternate Universes 2005: Crooked World, Days of Future Past, Deathlok (Manning), Earth A, and Earth X
Horror 2005: Dracula, D'Spayre, and Dweller-in-Darkness
X-Men 2005: Danger
New Avengers Most Wanted Files: Crossbones, Crossfire, Crusader (Blackwood), Cutthroat, Deathwatch, and Doctor Demonicus
Marvel Legacy: The 1960s: Chili, Collective Intelligence, Colossus (Super-Computer), Colossus (Vegan), Comrade X, Conquistador, Crusher, Daredevil, Death's Head (Page), Destroyer (Stanton), Doctor Strange, and Doctor Strange (villain)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #2: Centennial, Chamber (under Decibel), and Crazy Eight (Shappe)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #3: Crimson Dynamo (Gavrilov), Jaine Cutter, Cyclone, Dark Gods, Dark Riders, Darkdevil, Darkhold Redeemers, Darkstar, Daughters of the Dragon, Dazzler (Worthington), D'Bari, Dead Girl, Death, Deathcry, Deathlok (Collins), Deathlok (M-Tech), Death's Head (FPA), Death's Head (Minion), Deathweb, Debrii, Deluge, Demogoblin, Demolition Man, Desak, Desert Sword, Deviants, Devil-Slayer, Devlor, Diamond Lil, Diamondback (Leighton), Diamondhead, Dimension of Manifestations, Doctor Doom's Generals, Doctor Nemesis, Dominic Fortune, Doomsday Man, Doop, Dormammu, Drax, and Ethan Edwards (that's most of the handbook)
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #4: Damon Dran, Ego, 8-Ball, and Elements of Doom
Marvel Legacy: The 1970s: Crusaders, Deadly Dozen, Defenders, Demon-Fire, Devil's Heart, Doctor Glitternight, and Dragon Circle
Annihilation Nova Corps Files: Death, Devos the Devastator, and Drax
Marvel Legacy: The 1980s: Captain Hero, OZ Chase, Crimson Mage, Crossroads, Crystar, Dark-Crawler, Deadly Ernest, Defenders, Deltites, and DP7
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #1: Danger Man, Daydream, Death's Head 3.0, Diamondback (Stryker), Digitek, and Droog
Marvel Legacy: The 1990s: Darkhawk and Doctor Octopus (Trainer)
Spider-Man 2007: Coldhead, Commanda, Daily Bugle, Delilah, and Drom
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #2: Captain, Jean-Paul DuChamp and Elementals
Mystic Arcanna Handbook: Dark Rider, Darklore, Diabolique, Divinity Drake, Dream Weaver, and Dredmund the Druid
Avengers 2007: no one
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #3: Cobra (Piet Voorhees), Crusader (Skrull), Death Metal, Deathbird, Demogorge, and Dragon Man
Hulk 2007: Captain Axis
Marvel Zombies Handbook: Damballah, Darkhold, and Demons
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update #4: Captain America of the Revolutionary War, Chronok, Doctor Faustus, and Druig
X-Men 2007: Daken, Darwin, Dazzler (Blaire), and Johnny Dee
Iron Manual: Dum Dum Dugan (I think; although Bambi Arbogast and Bethany Cabe should be in an update)

In all, we would have:
Captain, Captain America of the Revolutionary War, Captain Axis, Captain Hero, Centennial, OZ Chase, Chili, Chronok, Cobra (Piet Voorhees), Coldheart, Collective Intelligence, Colossus (Super-Computer), Colossus (Vegan), Commanda, Comrade X, Conquistador, Crazy Eight (Shappe), Crimson Dynamo (Gavrilov), Crimson Mage, Crooked World, Crossbones, Crossfire, Crossroads, Crusader (Blackwood), Crusader (Skrull), Crusaders, Crusher, Crystal, Crystar, Jaine Cutter, Cutthroat, Cyber, Cyclone, Cyclops, Cypher, Dagger, Daily Bugle, Daken, Damballah, Danger, Danger Man, Daredevil, Dark Angel, Dark Beast, Dark-Crawler, Dark Gods, Dark Rider, Dark Riders, Darkdevil, Darkhawk, Darkhold, Darkhold Redeemers, Darklore, Darkstar, Darwin, Daughters of the Dragon, Daydream, Days of Future Past, Dazzler (Worthington), Dazzler (Blaire), D'Bari, Dead Girl, Deadly Dozen, Deadly Ernest, Deadpool, Death, Death Metal, Deathbird, Deathcry, Deathlok (Manning), Deathlok (Collins), Deathlok (M-Tech), Death's Head (Page), Death's Head (FPA), Death's Head (Minion), Death's Head 3.0, Deathwatch, Deathweb, Debrii, Decibel, Johnny Dee, Defenders, Delilah, Deltites, Deluge, Demogoblin, Demogorge, Demolition Man, Demon-Fire, Demons, Desak, Desert Sword, Destiny (Destine), Destiny (Adler), Destroyer (Stanton), Destroyer (Aubrey), Deviants, Devil-Slayer, Devil's Heart, Devlor, Devos the Devastator, Jean DeWolff, Diabolique, Diamond Lil, Diamondback (Stryker), Diamondback (Leighton), Diamondhead, Digger, Digitek, Dimension of Manifestations, District X, Doc Samson, Doctor Demonicus, Doctor Doom, Doctor Doom's Generals, Doctor Druid, Doctor Faustus, Doctor Glitternight, Doctor Nemesis, Doctor Octopus (Octavius), Doctor Octopus (Trainer), Doctor Strange (villain), Doctor Strange, Dominic Fortune, Domino, Milla Donovan, Doomsday Man, Doop, Doppleganger, Dorma, Dormammu, Nadia Dornova, DP7, Dracula, Dragon Circle, Dragon Man, Divinity Drake, Damon Dran, Drax, Dream Weaver, Dremund the Druid, Drom, Droog, Druig, D'Spayre, Jean-Paul DuChamp, Dum Dum Dugan, Dust, Dweller-in-Darkness, Earth A, Earth X, Ethan Edwards, Echo, Effigy, Ego, 8-Ball, Elektra, Elementals, and Elements of Doom

I hope Volume 3 comes out on time, so that I can add it to the other two HCs I have, otherwise, I'll wait for it

Kyle (aka the Handbook Guru)

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