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Subj: Cult followings and the characters you wish were still around...
Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 02:41:28 am EST (Viewed 158 times)

I arrived rather late to the Spider-Girl party, so I can't really call myself a hardcore fan, but right now it's one of the only two Marvel titles I find worth reading besides Spider-Man. The rest of the titles are, in my view, tainted by the stink of the Superhuman Registration Act, a violation of the most fundamental aspects of the Marvel Universe and an abomination of an idea so sickening that it poisons the whole Marvel Universe by its very presence and doesn't deserve to be called "groundbreaking" anymore than the work of Rob Liefeld and I think Millar and Bendis are overrated hacks and I could have pulled a better resolution out of my hairy...


As I was about to say before my blind hatred of the SHRA got me sidetracked, I feel for the diehard Spider-Girl fans who are upset that their series is being cancelled due to low sales. It's a sad reality, but one I can't entirely blame Marvel for, since at the end of the day they have to make business decisions that aren't always pleasant.

As I'm sure most people have noticed, I'm a diehard fan of Sleepwalker, who-and I swear I'm not making this up-was in fact the character that brought me back into comics and superheroes after almost a decade and a half-long absence. Like Dan Slott, I don't think Bob Budiansky ever got the respect he deserved for one of the most criminally underrated series Marvel has ever published, and that it's a shame no other writers have ever used any of Budiansky's creations, aside from Sleepwalker himself and 8-Ball. But, again, Sleepwalker's title wasn't selling enough, so it had to go.

Which characters do you miss, as a part of the cult following that enjoyed their adventures and would be happy to see them brought back? For me, those three heroes are Sleepwalker (naturally), Darkhawk and Spider-Girl.

At a time when a lot of the market has shifted towards dark, violent heroes or otherwise derailing established heroes and turning them into borderline fascists and treacherous backstabbers, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker and Spider-Girl were the heroes who actually did heroic things, who had their flaws but also their noble, kinder sides. In a way, by being "traditionally" heroic, they were almost subversive, maintaining that sense of good vs. evil and the secret identities, rogues galleries, and outlandish costumes and codenames that are part and parcel of what a superhero comic has to be.

Bob Budiansky, Danny Fingeroth and Tom DeFalco weren't Alan Moore, Jack Kirby or Frank Miller, but they didn't need to be, contributing fantastic bread-and-butter stories that remain enjoyable to read whether it's the first or hundred and first time. They left the Marvel Universe stronger than they left it...unlike Messrs. Millar, Bendis and Strazcynski, who are collectively in the process of leaving the artistic equivalent of a giant steaming pile on the MU.

Post the cult following characters you love, and more particularly what you loved about them. I'm especially interested in seeing just WHY fans love otherwise obscure characters.