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Subj: Review of Hulk vs Thor (long) Spoilers
Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 at 11:35:17 am CST (Viewed 245 times)

First off let me state I am a Thor fan. I loved the way Asgard was shown. The art and most of the voices were great. Most of the frequent named Asgardians were shown with the noticeable exception of Heimdall, and Balder had some made for TV outfit on. I didnt know who he was until someone said his name. Everyone was pretty much spot on with characterization. The Asgardians at first took it like a game and when they realized the seriousness of the situation they were not afraid and were willing to lay down their lives, the way heroes should. Loki was malicious and evil the way I like, the Enchantress was the in over her head accomplice that she usually is, and Hela was the imperial, haughty goddess of death that she should be.

That storyline and dialog were also pretty good. Generic but reasonable explanation on why the Hulk was in Asgard and passable explanation on why the Hulk couldnt be teleported back to Earth. Whole thing wrapped up in a manner which made sense.

The bad. Once again everyone is pimped to make the Hulk look good. Its so not necessarry and I for one am sick of it. He ran thru the entire Asgardian army, individual god heroes, Loki AND Thor at the same time, like they were nothing. I get that it was Bannerless Hulk, rage and strength personified, but NEVER in the history of Marvel has Thor gotten demolished like this in a fight with the Hulk. Marvel need to treat the properties with respect and not at the expense of others. If you have no knowledge of the history of Thor and Asgard or are a Hulk lover its a great movie. If You do know your history it will be another disappointing and disrespectful showing for Thor and Co.