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Subj: Hangman Versus Hangman
Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 at 12:16:59 pm EST (Viewed 21 times)

For those of you who remember the awesome Hangman characters, the original from WEREWOLF BY NIGHT and the new one Roy Thomas created in AVENGERS WEST COAST (using an obscure character he created himself in TOWER OF SHADOWS #5), which one do you like better? I'm not sure myself. The original one was pretty cool, appearing in WEREWOLF and SPIDER-WOMAN before being killed off in an oddball story in BIZARRE ADVENTURES, but the second one was just as enjoyable, especially since he was a pawn of Satannish. The second Hangman had the best visual, I think, and his allies, the fourth Lethal Legion, were ingenious. Maybe the second Hangman should make a comeback. After all, we don't really know his fate, other than being a prisoner in Satannish's realm. He could very easily come back, even spookier than ever.