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Subj: Secret Empire #3: *Ooo*...
Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 at 11:06:47 am EDT (Viewed 318 times)

Secret Empire 003 (2017)

New damning factors introduced. SE storyline stretches some to give you more for your buck. *Ooo*.
ie. 2 major new players enter the fray - to either make things more interesting... or convoluted. Pymtron and HydraPunisher. 4, if you want to count Namor and T'Challa off panel.

Argh. STILL NO reader respectful exposition of time elapsed. Disgusting. Cap alludes to (at least?) a week passing since last issue which may OR MAY NOT be taken literally. Do we even know what exactly happened in St.Louis to feel fully engaged in that tragedy impact? The crossover title indexing/sequencing is still wanting too.

Worst. Intergalactic Alliance. "Ever". Or "Ongoing" to be precise.

Why touch as nails Natasha would wimp out and not keep "THE AVENGERS" name going makes little character sense especially considering The Onslaught Precidence she set.

The abstracteque artstyle makes this Event appear like it's told in a pseudo collage. Some pretty panels, okay, but probably equal amount of unattractive vagueness.

No word on the Hammer that Hydracap heaved in FCBD ish.

Almost was going to let the passable cover slide... even though only context to minor 4 pages of prologue - and waitaminnit: is Nova (Sam? Rich?) even IN space, ATM?

So, maybe the 'real Cap' is just his true conscience meandering through his own mind and the unnamed woman he saved last issue is some (projected?) aspect of Kobik. 'Cuz why would he let her grave be a shallow water. But then, if true, his 'redemption' will be much more difficult for Marvel to sell.

Carol's decision to let only 3 GotG go off to only see this contemptable (conveniently reassembled) Intergalactic Council and not mount a strategic retreat and cover is unbelievable. Almost lost all their air? Why not relocate to the Blue Area of Moon at least? And this is not even considering all the individual superpowers are being ignored to poorly play up their helplessness. C'mon Starbrand, do SOMETHING. Looks like Quasar wasn't digested - so that's something. (And fallen Hyperion is actually seen in stasis in a crossover title AFAIK.

Boomerang gets character props.

Maria Hill keeps her teacher's pet key role going. She's the sanest of the bunch maybe? Did somebody want to Wiki "OVERTON WINDOW" for me - still typing...

Sin and Crossbones run a prison island. *Ooo*

OMG! 3 pages wasted on a Holodeck/DangerRoom/KobyashiMaru. Hmm, well, maybe Tasha ain't keeping The Avengers monicker 'cuz she all for killing instead of Avenging... And why wouldn't one of the obvious options be to first of all fly the blood-bomber to some desolate/secluded locale?

Nadia's "BADITUE" melding was a cute bit.

So, still got to read Cpt Samerica but looks like he's all about the heroic Underground Railroad effort currently. And there a "kewl" mystery location for a Cube fragment to guess at.

So, the HYDRA Counil must REALLY respect Hydracap to not just assassinate Sharon rather than watch him court her on puppy eye field trips.

So, Cap has had no problems with the Darkforce trapped heroes or international heroes, or mutant nation for a week since none get mentioned. But of course this can't be really true and crossovers will probably reveal this instead.

Well, at least the characters put protective suit on underwater, for artistic imagery, if not outer space... no wait, Wanda remains topless (ie. no scuba suit top).

A nobody Atlantean is killed BY ZEMO. *Ooo*

Atlantis is destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again.) Yep, say that sarcastically. ;\)

So, Pymtron is all into the 'name copying' too, eh? He calls his 'bot "JARVIS". Sigh.

So, Punisher does NOT kill Boomerang to better make his point. *Ooo*

Were YOU more impressed? Or did you also sarcastically *Ooo* some.

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