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Subj: Ultimates^2 #9: Don't be jelly!
Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 at 02:02:04 pm EDT (Viewed 418 times)

Ultimates^2 009

Already gave this issue a thread here:
but just read 0-Day reactions at fourchan and some thought provoking ideas from cbr too. Saved here for posterity and maybe comments now even. My mind is STILL "jelly" from the ramifications/implications of so many points w/the issue (including the CRAZINESS of thousands of Earths -only Earths?- in this reality now!).

> fourchan:

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:26:09 No.93985194
    Superflow = DC's the Bleed ?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:26:30 No.93985200
    its like Shin Megami

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:27:09 No.93985214
    >galactus kicking in a door
    Never in a million year would I have seen this coming.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:28:11 No.93985229?>>93995443
    No. The bleed was actually mentioned before seprately.
    Superflow is where concepts can form and go.
    Bleed is the travel flow of dimensions.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:28:21 No.93985232
    This is too good, Marvel really doesn't deserve Ewing

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:29:45 No.93985254
    Quill it still manages to revolve around 616 earth

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:29:47 No.93985256
    This is the penultimate issue.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:30:16 No.93985262?>>93985273 >>93985285
    >portal into a dimension of pure, endless concussive force
    Isn't this Cyclop's punch dimension?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:31:36 No.93985286
    lmao it's the rightclops pocket dimension

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:33:05 No.93985309
    Tchalla needs a power up
    --said no one ever

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:33:47 No.93985318
    Nice commentary on how in the early Ultimate Universe they really tried to be "grounded" and "realistic" with their super science, and tried not to use magic much.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:34:30 No.93985329
    Again, why doesn't Chavez just effing backdoor around the Shield?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:35:19 No.93985344
    sheild too strong. Same reason sunlight can get through but Monica can't

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:35:42 No.93985348
    I love everything about this comic

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:36:24 No.93985358
    >We're watching existencial concepts punch each other...

    Batowl 07/19/17(Wed)10:38:01 No.93985382
    I effing knew it. Only thousands but soon all counter earths? Same universes?
    Looks like my message board idea is being used,

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:40:21 No.93985418

    Is this last page a reference/homage to that scene in the original Ultimates with GWB and Cap?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:40:23 No.93985419
    >Herb doesn't even know what's going on
    Why did Maker need to stop by here, exactly?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:40:48 No.93985426

    See you next time when this all gets wrapped up in one chapter

    Batowl 07/19/17(Wed)10:40:56 No.93985428
    Ultimates are back. Nice. Restored to the universe.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:41:08 No.93985432

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:42:16 No.93985444
    So I am thinking this could be so Marvel - bring in a crap ton of characters from other universes now? Or will it not stay around?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:42:29 No.93985456
    So, what can the old Ultimates do? Instantly fall in with Reed?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:42:30 No.93985457
    >the All-Old Ultimates
    Ewing you magnificent bastard

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:43:18 No.93985465
    It's an Ewing book. It doesn't make a ripple in anything Ewing isn't writing.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:43:31 No.93985471
    >marvel using things Ewing does
    It will be fixed or straight up ignored

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:44:52 No.93985490
    I remember when I came up with that idea too. good to see others caught on eventually

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:45:03 No.93985494
    >Don't be jelly, Herb.
    God, I love the Maker.

    Batowl 07/19/17(Wed)10:45:09 No.93985497
    There's only thousand? The old cosmos had infinte.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:46:22 No.93985511
    >My relationshop with the Gods of Wakanda, the Orisha, has proven...unreliable
    Ewing once again referencing the events of other people's books.

    Batowl 07/19/17(Wed)10:46:53 No.93985522
    Ewings stuff still getting used. Lifebringer galactus shows up in marvel legacy.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:47:24 No.93985529
    Fun fact: Black Panther was originally going to be called Coal Tiger.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:48:24 No.93985548
    effing bull. didnt whatsherface get eaten by blob?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:49:20 No.93985560
    And Hank exploded and Cap died flying a fighter jet into Galactus.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:49:38 No.93985564
    The lettering on Rocket's speech here is weird. I don't like it.

    Batowl 07/19/17(Wed)10:50:24 No.93985581
    Maker un did it. There's a probably new edited ultimate earth somewhere. Shared cosmos.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:52:57 No.93985619
    This is the tony with the super tumor?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:54:18 No.93985641
    Maker removed the Infinity Stone in his brain so the tumor isn't super anymore.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)10:56:15 No.93985678?>>93988404
    >Why did Maker need to stop by here
    Because he needs someone smart enough to understand how clever he is

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:06:42 No.93985824
    I do not like the ultimate team, but this comic is really good.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:09:39 No.93985866?
    >What is the deal with Richards - is it just the helmet or did he grow his brain
    Enlarges his brain to be even more smarter.
    >thousands but soon all counter earths
    Anyway, this means spidergirl, shadowline, other whatever remaing what ifs exist in one universe. Thousands of earths and galaxies in one. One prime universe with many earths.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:10:38 No.93985879
    But if Chavez can enter the punch dimension
    And teen Cyclops can access the punch dimension for his powers
    Couldn't Chavez use the punch dimension as an intermediary to get back to Earth?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:12:40 No.93985905
    >accessing the punch dimension

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:16:05 No.93985950
    For those who do not know...
    Punch Dimension: Cyclops possesses the mutant ability to project a beam of heatless, ruby-colored concussive force from his eyes, which act as interdimensional apertures between this universe and another. Cyclops’ body constanty absorbs ambient energy, such as sunlight, from his environment into his body’s cells, which allows him to open the apertures. Cyclops’ mind generates a psionic field that is attuned to the forces that maintain the apertures.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:16:25 No.93985960
    Is that a Rigellian Recorder?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:17:33 No.93985967
    Punch Dimension, Ewing is doing the lord's work here.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:18:17 No.93985978
    No, I think it's Ego before he was Ego

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:19:27 No.93985993
    Yes. Counter earth has Recorders.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:23:13 No.93986062
    >See you next time when this all gets wrapped up in one chapter
    BREEEEEVOOOOOOORRRRRTT!! Or whoever's Marvel's editor in chief now.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:25:38 No.93986105
    We should do like some kind of over the top Twitter outrage or some petition to keep this book from dying.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:26:49 No.93986126
    You should have bought the book.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:38:31 No.93986342
    >Chavez emerges, angry and screaming, from teen scott's torn eyeballs

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:45:24 No.93986483
    It makes sense for The Maker to be all about information theory, the 0th law of thermodynamics

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:48:58 No.93986552
    This artist is hit or miss, but that Ego is a hit for me.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:51:40 No.93986608
    Wait I don't get it, is Reed being manipulated by the big bad, did Owen really give him orders or is he doing whatever he wants?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:56:19 No.93986694
    >Galactus kicking in a door.
    This is going to be glorious.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)11:59:41 No.93986749
    whoa...BP's going to get White Tiger powers too now? Is there a White Tiger currently in the books? I only know of the one on the cartoon.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)12:02:35 No.93986803
    So now there's a lot of earths in the same universe? All the alien races will be having a collective aneurysm.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)12:07:10 No.93986897
    Point:Tony with a Tumor also is conveniently technopathic, hyper intelligent due to his body mostly being regenerative neural matter. This means he's so smart, he has to be black-out drunk to be on 616 Tony's level, and has regeneration that beats 616 Deadpool. And an infinity gem in his head.
    Point:Ult Cap is also waaay past peak human and brutal, and Ult-Thor has crazy teleportation powers on top of being a Thor.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)13:03:12 No.93988176
    After Secret Wars=Crisis on the Infinity Earths, this is Infinite Crisis, Marvel Edition....wait, didn't Ewing skipped Zero Hour? And whatever Marvel has for Infinity War will be Final Crisis...l but what about the Flashpoint?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)13:29:26 No.93988777
    WTH is ewing NOT writing America?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)14:07:23 No.93989537
    >Ultimates get renumbered to the "original" numbering
    >Ewing brings back the original Ultimates
    absolute madman

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)15:01:14 No.93990752
    Ego the Living Planet is wearing underwear.
    Is this the greatest comic of all time?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)15:12:17 No.93991016
    Ewing bringing in New Universe characters and now Ultimates
    what a mad man, what a time to be alive
    a crazy shared universe

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)15:38:42 No.93991620

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)16:33:08 No.93992830?
    The Maker went to him for two reasons:
    High Evolutionary has an entire Counter-Earth and plenty of super-tech for The Maker to work with, and since regular Earth is blocked off because of The Shield, Counter-Earth is the best option for him to set-up his new lab
    >an audience
    The Maker is a show-off that loves exposition dumps. Can't do either without someone around, and that someone needs to be really smart, otherwise outsmarting them isn't much of a challenge.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)16:34:10 No.93992848

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)16:45:23 No.93993111
    Is the Tiger a multiversal entity now?
    Used to incarnete the first human fear, then it fused with the tiger from another universe (was that before or after Secret Wars? I cant remember, but i'm fairly sure it was after) now the reality is all one, so is its power going to boost?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:02:30 No.9399348
    It's just jaguars and leopards that produce the black variety not white tigers

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:08:38 No.93993645?
    >What? They are canceling it?
    it's an ewing book. of course they are cancelling it.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:07:31 No.93993614
    is star lord really asking what could be bigger than the Earth being surrounded by a stupid shield? the dude literally fought against the annihilation wave. also WTF are these retards even bothering with the chitauri, since all they seem to do is run face first into it and die?

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:07:50 No.93993624
    >Black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards (Panthera pardus) and black panthers in the Americas are black jaguars (Panthera onca).
    there is no such thing as a black tiger

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:18:52 No.93993904
    I like how Ewing just acknowledged how effing easy it is to get past that portal if you think for 5 seconds.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:20:59 No.93993955
    Yeah, if you're an entity that exists in every Universe simultaneously.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:23:08 No.93994007
    All he did was port in from a nearby universe. He merely saved a step in that he didn't have to travel to the adjacent universe first since he had himself already there.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:26:52 No.93994084
    The Maker was "sliced" into pieces and put into several different universes by Molecule Man. This Maker came from one of those universes to Counter-Earth to enact the plan. There is still a Maker on Earth, behind the Energy Shield though (I think Bendis is using him to troll Doom? I don't know.)

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:31:02 No.93994173?>>93994280

    Egh. Please God let The Maker stay Ewing's pet character for at least another year. If he gets too whored out they'll do something retarded like make him put on the Doom armor so Doom can fight him in Iron Man armor. (Yes I know Bendis "invented" him but his fun personality is all Hickman/Ewing).

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:36:00 No.93994280
    Nope, Maker's shaping up to be the big bad in Infamous Iron Man.
    More like Hickman/Fialkov.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)17:38:19 No.93994318
    All Mjollnir can teleport. Writers just tend to conveniently forget Thor can go wherever the hel he wants with it. Ult-Thor has nothing that regular Thor can't already do besides his being valhalla powers.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)21:26:23 No.93999692
    Logos alone is supposed to be the living tribunal's replacement, he would have demolished them.

    Anonymous 07/19/17(Wed)22:52:18 No.94001768
    How are these 1610 morons even going to be a threat? Those Ultimates were grossly incompetent failures in their own book.

> cbr:


    Yesterday, 01:16 AM
    #601 JKtheMac
    So reflection on this issue. Mostly seems to be a reveal and building issue. We get the pieces on the chess board moved into their end-game positions. Finally the space team have been moved out of their pointless status-quo in Earth orbit (although I bet he puts them back afterwards and leaves the timescale vague).

    The Super-Flow concept is finally paying off. I thought it was funny the way the concept was just a little over explained and utilised, to really ram home what it means in the context of this story. The reiterated concept of the 'Prime Earth' and 'Prime Universe' was an interesting comment on the 1610, and also a commentary on the power of the diversity of concepts and ideas in the MU. It is suggesting that the Super-Flow is analogous to the MU for us the readers. The super-flow concept has always been a metaphor, and it is bigger than any one story, but I did enjoy this take.

    I am totally unsure where the T'Challa story is headed, but it feels like a part of the unified whole. I am looking forward to #100.


    Yesterday, 05:23 AM
    #603 scribbleMind
    I like that there's going to be a bit of pay off on the White Tiger stuff from Mighty Avengers. BP is going to show up at the Makers door ready for action.


    Yesterday, 12:30 PM
    #611 kilderkin
    I do like this book but thought galactus was poorly written this issue
    I brought friends - just felt lacking in cosmic character
    Still one if my favourite marvel books


    Yesterday, 12:33 PM
    #612 JKtheMac
    >>>>>>>Wasn't the term "Superflow" a location reference from the "NewUniversal" universe?

    Yes it was. It was brought into the MU by Hickman, when he incorporated some of the NU characters. And Ewing has been increasing those links in this very series. With more characters and further exploration of the super-flow.

    In the NU it was also a kind of idea space, and Earth was moving within it, towards a new paradigm. This was why the NU had super powered characters.

    The break in the systems in the super-flow were some of the first references to the multiverse having a major problem, tipping off the Builders to the collapse of the multiverse, and Earth's central place in the broken systems. Then came the NU concept of The White Event and a number of NU characters referred to as planetary defence systems, such as Star Brand.


    Yesterday, 05:36 PM
    #616 ZNOP
    Well there's a thought
    Honestly, the very mention of the "Superflow" in the Earth-616.x universe had me confused -- so I Googled it and found out that the "Incursions" all started with the "White Event" of 1985 (real-time). I just started to read Ultimates2 #9 -- and, I'm loving it -- this is all beginning to make sense


    Today, 06:37 AM
    #618 Chainsaw Vigilante
    If this title is cancelled then I don't want to hear about how all a book needs to sell is "good writing" or "forced diversity sucks! Use original characters or pre-existing PoC/women" or "stick with continuity instead of change for change sake." This book does pretty much everything the "fans" claim they want and yet, it's possibly going to get cancelled due to low sales. Smdh
    ...and how is it advertised/pushed compared to the obvious "agenda" books? Not to mention it's a solitary book in a sea of opposites, and the fans that like this sort of thing have long since felt alienated and aren't going to go back to Marvel for one book. Also, the entire premise of the book is "above the heads" of most casual modern readers; it's not a millenial soap opera nor a light action oriented book.


    Today, 09:36 AM
    #619 Rosebunse
    ...and how is it advertised/pushed compared to the obvious "agenda" books? Not to mention it's a solitary book in a sea of opposites, and the fans that like this sort of thing have long since felt alienated and aren't going to go back to Marvel for one book. Also, the entire premise of the book is "above the heads" of most casual modern readers; it's not a millenial soap opera nor a light action oriented book.
    This book is great and all, but it is by no means an easy book. Even without the philosophical and scientific concepts it uses, it is deep, deep in Marvel continuity. Even experienced readers who consider themselves Marvel experts have to look up characters and concepts on Wiki to keep up.

    Today, 02:02 PM
    #620 JKtheMac
    >>>>>>Quote Originally Posted by ZNOP View Post
    >>>>>>I wonder how much it would set me back to get the entire New Universe collection?
    It is quite dated now. Slowly they are adding NU to MU.

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