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Subj: Iron Fist #75: Questions...
Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 at 04:35:46 pm CST (Viewed 898 times)

Iron Fist 075 (2018)

It was... okay. But it may be my bad for having detracting questions that might skew my judgement of it...

Why is IF's costume green on the otherwise nice cover??!! (Sigh. Rhetorical question. Minor annoyance.)

Never read last issue and don't see it in the RECAP: What news of the caged dragon that was missing from Danny's apartment the issue before?

When/who replaced Viper with a male character in the Serpent Society?

Is this before or after Sabretooth's adventures in the Weapon X title's opening storyarc?

When/how did original Constrictor die?

Has dead Frank's old GF Sandy ever been seen/mentioned in any backissue?

What happened to "Frank Jr.'s" face?

Has the Book of Iron Fist ever been used to open a portal to K'un L'un in any backissue?

Wow. Marvel keeps compounding the lineage/canon of the mantle of Iron Fist. Now there was a ZHANG DI for 2 weeks, 600 years ago. Don't see him on Wiki DOes anyone have a complete list of all the Iron Fists (bearers of Shou-Lao the Undying chi) that the readers should know at this point?

Did anyone else find the MEANINGLESS never to be endlessly random generated martial arts maneuvers to be awkwardly named? Not noun but not verb. Ugh.

So, Creed is still breaking character and doing more deeds of decency. Maybe some lingering Inversion residue? Whatever. He's there for the Q-Ratings grab. But is anyone impressed by Chosin as the other main guest star?

Marvel continues to mess with how the superpower of CHI works. (We're looking at you, Victor Alvarez! Didn't he tap Danny's Chi in the mini that introduced him? Then he was easily able to suck the NYC Chi no problem too.) Anyways, it looks like someone is draining Danny's individual Chi, right? And it is weakening him ala Kryptonite? But in the previous run in the Island Tourney didn't IF go around fit as a fiddle without his superpower Chi?

Was it an okay ish?

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