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Subj: Secret Warriors #11: 0-Day...
Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 at 02:58:14 pm EST (Viewed 133 times)

Secret Warriors 011 (2018)

Decent conclusion. Wrap up next ish (even though they all break up - yay). Just quick replies to copy/censored 0-DAY posts at fourchan for you to compare if you read the ish...

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)10:12:33 No.97729868
    I don't think the whole tower had to go

There's also the trope that not everything is destroyed by a collapsing building.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)10:15:19 No.97729905
    Dante really is a hobo now


    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)10:17:30 No.97729942
    I'm kinda excited to see if Karnak goes full villain in the last chapter

Got the impression that next issue is "conclusion" of the series. No?

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)10:56:49 No.97730489
    Does Dante's niece have blue skin or not?

Good question.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:00:28 No.97730542
    >Having the 8 year old kill Sinister
    What is wrong with this book?!

But if the writers had to have a way for HER to be the one to KILL him that was the way to do it. Her reactions were pretty well done. (Not that he died, of course.)

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:05:09 No.97730616
    In &^%$ing Covington? For &^%$s sake, there are better spots to hide a base in Kentucky.


    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:06:46 No.97730636
    Finish reading. He did a disappearing act. Again.

Of course. Although it was poorly expositioned because it appears superexpert examiner Karnak did check the dead body - and then suddenly it's gone. (Unless he lied as part of more nasty dealings.)

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:11:38 No.97730710
    His niece probably transforms

It was good to get her name, Ariela, stated for a change.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:12:41 No.97730725
    Iso looking cute


    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:26:48 No.97730923
    >>Page 1 confrontation
    ok, they all took the stupid pill and I'm more and more worried for the New Mutants mini

Trope misunderstanding. What was kinda... crazy was the (unclear) showing with Magik's single Soulsword mass knockout swing.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:32:29 No.97731009
    This was effing good. Karnak would be terrifying as an honest-to-god villain. I'm down with it.

It was a pretty good conclusion. Didn't like the easypeasy teleport targetting -TWICE!- but then the story would've dragged.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:46:25 No.97731201
    Sinister is a mutate not mutant though.

It was a bit odd how he was affected but then his biology probably has such a backstory mishmash...

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:47:32 No.97731223
    I hope the artist for this gets more work, he has great talent for comedy.

Not to mention just plain pleasing art. (Nice colorist work too.)

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:50:14 No.97731260
    He's experimented on himself using mutant DNA. And this body is like a clone of a clone of a clone. He probably started giving his clones the X-gene a while back


    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:53:39 No.97731313
    Why is there a throne room? Iso, you were supposed to held elections.

It's a blending of Royalty and Democracy? They didn't just tear down the place? It's a good chair? So many reasons. \:\)

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)11:56:42 No.97731367
    Remember how Secret Warriors were Fury's personal hit squad? The kid on the team was a god of fear? Now we have this.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:03:56 No.97731465

Inevitable. Smart name.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:07:48 No.97731535
    >Lunella gasses a mutant to death
    Lead us!

Well, not her fan but to be fair, it was 100% self defense.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:10:56 No.97731576
    I wonder what happened to all those acolytes cleaning latrines. They are probably buried under that rubble.

There's that too. But to be fair to the team again - let's assume somebody made sure the place was all clear first.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:26:43 No.97731821
    Cyclops is a nazi for destroying a terrigen cloud endangering all mutants, but killing one single Inhuman to bring back terrigen would be bad


    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:32:36 No.97731925
    and one of the first things the writer did was to kill Slingshot in order to make room for the new team

Slingshot is dead? How?

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)12:41:04 No.97732050
    Sinister will always be a 90s villain at heart

Wonder what CBMBers think of his effortless b*tchslap showing against Karnak here...

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)13:20:57 No.97732799
    Whoever gets elected keeps the chair. Plus it seems like being a temporary monarch rather than president. In iso's defense none of the books take place in attilan, even bb left after a couple of pages.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)14:41:38 No.97734328
    bump for dante

Not that crazy about the action cover depiction choice with Sinister clones even though his sacrificial predicament is genuine.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)15:18:28 No.97735170
    Happy as I am to see Auran, WTF brings Flagman to a fight?
    What's he gonna do? Render them bad concierge service?

Rechecks... Oh yeah he is there. Good point. Maybe solidarity?

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)15:29:13 No.97735356
    Karnak, that asshat!
    He planned this from the beginning!
    Set Lunella up as a perfect philosopher queen and pull the strings from the shadows as he always does.
    >overwhelming intellect
    The perfect candidate to lead a factuous people with wisdom. Well, on paper.

He's been deplorable since coming back from the dead.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)15:38:51 No.97735578
    Or he just faked it to get an out.
    Took a hostage, engineered a chance to have her "kill" him, disappear once people think he's dead.
    You know, a smart thing.

    Accel?X !L0SDp/ebGk 12/27/17(Wed)16:43:28 No.97736812
    >>last panel reaction on Page 6

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)17:05:01 No.97737143
    >attempt genocide of a species on its home planet in order to perpetuate yours
    Ayyy the race we're genociding must be Nazis lmao
    >given the option of perpetuating your species by sacrificing one person
    Can these stupid &^%$ing people just not appear in comic books anymore?

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)18:13:54 No.97738293
    Don't think about it too much, now that Marvel Studios has X-Men back, almost all of the Inhumans and the Nuhumans will be horribly killed off or fade into the oblivion of obscurity.

    Anonymous 12/27/17(Wed)18:27:22 No.97738541
    On top of that, the new management was specifically put in charge to do just that.
    And Iso looks to be cleaning house, tossing out the dangerous elements that led to the problems of the past, and playing by Earth rules.
    Dante and Karnak caused a giant problem for no good reason. Dante by being too dumb, Karnak by being too clever for his own good.
    It was very refreshing to see an actually reasonable response to a bullheaded move by a hothead that realistically caused giant damages.
    And to have a big contrived plan fail just because people don't like it and rather do their own thinking.
    Both radical changes from standard comic logic where team members can seem immune to consequences and master plans just kinda work.


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