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Subj: Spider-Man: Homecoming (finally watched it)
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This is only about one scene as I'm sure you guys have talked the rest of it (and even this part) to death long ago.

I'm referring to the scene where Peter has to lift the debris up off himself so he can escape and save the day. This harkens back to what is possibly the most famous scene in all of comics: Peter lifting debris up off himself so he can save Aunt May in issue 33 of his comic.

Did the movie do the scene justice? Well, yes and no, in my opinion. Peter hearing Tony Stark in his head ("If you're nothing without the suit, you shouldn't have it" - was a good touch. Also, the movie had something the comic wasn't able to have: music. The movie used to music to convey the majesty of the moment. That too was a good touch.

But the scene needed to be longer and needed more flashbacks, in my opinion. It just wasn't as dramatic as Lee and Ditko's masterwork, not even with the music. I woud have used a minimum of six flashbacks. And we wouldn't have just heard them. We would have seen them. And with each flashback, Peter would have lifted the debris a little higher.

What did you think? Did the movie do the scene justice?