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Subj: The Defenders #10: FINAL ISSUE! :-(
Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 at 10:59:23 am EST (Viewed 1043 times)

This is the series that Riri's "Ironheart" IM series never managed to be. All 10 issues were enjoyable and now it's over with this ish...

The Defenders 010

> Defenders wasn't as bad or disappointing as I anticipated.
Overlooking some serious sighting/chronology nitpicking, it was such a great read.

> Brief but good action, beautiful art, and an interesting end and maybe set up?
YUP: good, beautiful and interesting stuff.

> I think what The Hood was planning could possibly be that looming threat to NY that's suppose come forth in DD. The Hood and his people were seemingly outgunned and outnumbered by the Defenders and all those other heroes and since the series leaves the outcome of that standoff on a cliffhanger they very well may have escaped or at the very least attempted escape if any among them are prudent enough. With The Hoods magic it's even more likely that he could have teleported himself or the lot of them elsewhere.
It's possible. Although, DD599 didn't really give off that vibe at all - it was all Muse and Fisk to deal with in DD600 (unless someone has read solicits saying otherwise?). It is a interesting scenario suggestion though and intriguing setup potential. On the other hand, a majority of readers probably would vote for mass arrests and Robbins is such a recurring putz. It is important that some book state the outcome ASAP, imo though.

> All that that being good and well, it was disheartening knowing what it was originally promised to be.
What was that?

> I still would have loved to see Marquez give DD the spectacular Iron Fist/Elektra fight treatment and have DD cut loose and destroy some bad guys.
Elektra had a good appearance/fight in this book a few issues back. DD had some decent moments all along worthy of 25% of the spotlight.

> Ah, well. Despite that, I can't say this was a bad issue. It had its moments. And Marquez draws a beautiful Felica Hardy.
EVERYONE is drawn beautiful! That final double splash with wallpaper-worthy! As for Felicia going straight, her fall from grace relapse to Queenpin of Crime felt like forced and unbelievable crap from Day 1. And renewed bid to return to the good guy side read inorganic and unlikely (partially because it happened differently in Spider-miles and Venom books). Let's see how The Bullpen will handle her now. Hopefully not Miss Goody Twoshoes but also not Nasty Murderous B*tch.

Lots of GOOD stuff...
=Cover & Recap: Good.
=Hood/Fisk meeting: Good.
=Themed interview panels sequence (and Easter Egg cameos): Good. However, HOW DID YOU take it? Who were they talking to? It can't have been a reporter as their structured comments implied 'cuz there' no way some one scored that Matt interview or caught Spidey mid swing. THose last 2 kind of wrecked it a bit.
=Daily Bugle page: Good. Neat incorporation of the Riri status in Bendis' concurrent book. Hammerhead alive and well is nod to his Spider-Miles wrap up.
=Re-re-re-return of H4H: Good. Ifff it sticks. Throwing any of 'em back on the Avengers post-Infinity would make this oft-repeated gesture feel defeatist.
=Plea bargaining with Cat: Good. It's a baby step in direction to do right by the character. Plus, she gives a very convincing argument/deal to 'escape' police custody.
=Danny loving Misty: \:\)
=Hood beating the Defenders: Explosively good.
=Masters of Evil reunite: Good. (Well, expect for obvious serious chronology concerns.) "Kingpins of Evil" is a scary thought. The Maggia comment is a neat observation. Someone care to LIST THEM?
=Last page face-off: SO Good. Huh, Valkyrie's back? HUH, Gargoyle too?! Night Nurse gets props. Miles but no Riri. WHO THE HECK is Ronin?

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