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Subj: Moon Knight #192: A good read...
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 07:51:59 pm EST (Viewed 140 times)

Moon Knight 192
• Beautiful cover (TOTALLY RUINED by it being MEANINGLESS! Yeah, yeah 'pirate ship symbology' is a stretch.)
• Clever twist on Frenchie showing up dead.
• Ha! Dazzler totally deserves he own Barbie Doll.
• Agreeable interpretation (so far) of the previous insane and maddening deityscape run.
• Diatrice is still a cute kid. (Still curious about her name choice, though.)
• MK captured by a boatload of villains.
• Brilliant sequence/strategy to escape being tied to mast.
• Fighting a boatload of villains.
• Evocative reveal of prisoners/volunteers.
• Isla Ra sales pitch as story seed and tying in shared MU canon.
• Face off ending vs Sun King.
• The art in general.

This was a good read! Agreed?


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