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Way back in the day, in the mid 70's Starlin was writing Adam Warlock's book and gave us the excellent Magus saga and was paving the way for Thanos to become Warlock's enemy.

Issue 15 ended with Warlock thinking he had expanded exponentially faster then Earth and was now too large to return home, and also Drax intercepts Gamora's ship and destroys it apparently killing her in space.

There was supposed to be an issue 16 by Marvel and Starlin had a spat and he left only to return in 1977 to wrap the Thanos/Warlock saga, then return in 1982 for DoCM then move on to Epic Illustrated and create Dreadstar.

After issue 15, Warlock appears in Marvel Team up and saves Spiderman and by teleporting himself around Warlock restores himself to his normal size.

We then pick up in Avengers Annual 7, Warlock has now been anointed by Chaos and Order as the One to Stop Thanos. he finds a dying Gamora left for dead by Thanos and takes her soul and learns of his plans for universal doom. No explanation for how Gamora survived Drax's attack or where Drax was when since he could locate Thanos he should have been able to be there for the big fight even if it was Warlock that defeated him.

So there is a time gap and some missing chapters. Should Starlin get a chance to fill in the gap?

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I would buy it. But its to obscure to sell any real numbers.
And if such a project came to fruition no more Alan Davis.
Stick with Ron Lim for retro stuff.

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I'd love to see Starlin ink issue 16 and do at least a miniseries of random insane space adventures.

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