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Subj: The Misfits return!
Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 at 04:00:40 am EDT (Viewed 73 times)

It's just been announced that the Misfits, a one-shot superhero team that appeared in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN over 30 years ago will be returning in a five-issue limited series starting in July.

Called (naturally)THE MISFITS, it will be written by Christos Gage & pencilled by Humberto Ramos.

The team, created by Peter David for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #266 in 1985. was composed of the fabulous Frog-Man, Spider-Kid (now Steel Spider),
and the Toad (who was,like the other two, trying to be Spider-Man's sidekick at the time). They formed the Misfits at the end of the story (although Spidey suggested a few alternate names like The All-Weiners Squad,The Spastic Three, and The Oy Team) The team was short lived, as Toad reverted back to villainy in the VISION & THE SCARLET WITCH miniseries.

This new miniseries starts with Frog-Man (Eugene Patilio) encountering an old Spider-Man foe Fusion the Twin Terror. Eugene finds out from Fusion about a team called the New Emmisaries Of Evil,who plan destruction on a global scale! Unable to find Spider-Man, the Avengers, or the FF, Eugene reforms the Misfits with Steel Spider, Slapstick, Woodgod, Ace Spencer (the Michael Jackson/Prince lookalike who encountered Spidey a few times in the 80s) and Moon Girl with Devil Dinosaur. Together they battle the Emmisaries of Evil, comprised of Fusion, long-unused Iron Man villains Demetrius & the Slasher, The Chesire Cat (old Luke Cage foe), Razorblade (Avengers foe), Ion (Machine Man villainess),Halflife (WCA foe), Quasar the Future Man (another old IM foe) and their leader Drom the Backwards Man! We actually find out that their true leader is the demon Thog the Netherspawn, who has formed the team because he's bored and wishes to destroy the Earth for laughs!

The first issue comes out in early July and looks to be a fun read.

In the words of Drom, the Backwards Man : !looF lirpA