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Subj: Champions #4: Was this a big deal?
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 at 03:05:31 pm EDT (Viewed 164 times)

Champions 004

Fighting a crashing Champions bunkership was nothing special. Giving Kaldera teambusting success was questionable. Other no big deal questions...

Kaldera was a member of Black Order? Since when? Somebody should update Marvel Database

Dust didn't go to Nate's Age of X-man's Earth? Did she try to kill the unrelenting Kaldera or just incapacitate her based on her dialogue?

Can't someone at the Bullpen come up with a better codename for Joaquin since he doesn't want to keep copying "Falcon"? Why not have a contest?

Sam makes a typical Comic book story seed decision that in IRL would be a DUMB, IMPULSIVE, SELFISH decision. The group decision to let him go with his would-be assassin wasn't much better, eh?

Miles and Kamala debating the death of Dubai Girl was thought provoking and maybe the only good part of the issue (save Sparky's save). Liked Miles decision to quit because it makes sense. Plus, it's good that he's off the team, better for character and title IMO, in spite of Mephisto wanting it too - anyone agree? This cover refects the story better and is much better and more impactful than last issue that it flipside copies.

Mephisto has a thing against ALL the Spider Totem? Huh.

Next issue: War of Realms connection? Cyclops and the UXM? Really?!

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