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Subj: Another new Endgame Promo
Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 at 01:50:21 pm EDT (Viewed 150 times)

Cap gives a speech before they go off on separate missions

Okay so let's say that they are going to time travel and get the stones.....if they go to the future there is no guarantee they will get the stones as Thanos would likely not relinquish them.

So that means either alternate universes, whose stones likely shouldn't work in ours and if they do.....well two infinity gauntlets strikes me as being bad for the health of the that makes it more likely they are going to the past.....

Which is also bad because that means their actions may alter or retcon or undo some of the previous movies and a major time paradox is coming... though the time stone or the gauntlet should correct that and stabilize things.

So IF they are going to the past, and I stress IF...these would be the target points to go to to retrieve the stones....

1. They should take the mind stone from Vision after he is built to avoid altering his creation..otherwise he may not be the same Vision that they have known from the start.

2. space stone/tesseract: take it from Asgard's vault after avengers 1, Loki and THOR had to use it to go home to Asgard for Loki to be punished and it sat in the Asgard Vault until THOR ragnarok.

3. power stone after it is locked up on Xandar after the first guardians movie. Steal the power stone any sooner and you alter the first Guardians movie and possibly prevent the Guardians from forming.

4. reality stone after the Asgardians give it to the collector. This way they do not alter the past for the Asgardians at all, and after Collector puts it in a trophy case or whatever they just take it.

5. time gem after the end of Dr Strange as he needed it to stop Dormammu and fix things. Possibly even retrieve Strange himself from the past to assist in the present then he goes back to the split instant he left and thus not remember things and thus not change his past.

6. But the soul gem....that one is the real problem. It requires a soul to be sacrificed before it will let itself be wielded, and then only by the one that makes the sacrifice....this is in keeping with the Soul Gem having a vampiric appetite back in the Warlock books....but who would make the sacrifice of their greatest love?

Peggy is dead so Cap can't sacrifice her...unless the Gem can pluck her soul from the hereafter....which is possible. Then Cap goes into the gem at the end to be with her in soul world.....nah.

Quicksilver is dead also, so Wanda can't sacrifice him or the Vision...

Hawkeye/Ronin...we are presuming his family is dead at the moment....

Black Widow: what is her greatest love? Stark? Cap? hawkeye?....Fury?

THOR: his greatest love would likely be Jane, but Portman has wanted out of the MCU, Sif is missing and I don't think Valkyrie is his greatest love...

Ant-Man: his daughter but no way would he do it.

Rocket: who does he have left to sacrifice? He's the last Guardian....

Nebula: she has no one to sacrifice

Carol: she has no one to sacrifice....

Stark: his great love would be Pepper, but no....

So logically then, no Avenger should be able to get the Soul Gem. But then again, if they secure the other 5 or at least the time and reality gems then they can stop Thanos

Or else they time warp to the past before he starts to gather the gems and face him with only his natural powers.....that would still be tough fight.

or THOR warps back to the past and arrives as his past self impales Thanos, then as Thanos remarks how he should have aimed for the head, future THOR cuts off Thanos' left arm before the snap and then says "Now I shall go for the head!" and beheads Thanos. The gauntlet is then used to heal the impending time paradox due to two THOR's being in the same place at the same time.