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Subj: War Of The Realms #3: Fight(off panel)! Fight(between issues)! Fight(in snippets)!
Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 at 09:41:57 pm EDT (Viewed 376 times)

War Of The Realms 003 (of 6)

    War of the Realms #3 storytime Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:00:00 No.107322304

4channel copypasta follows...

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:02:45 No.107322361
    Is that a Pantherbuster Armor I see? Or rather, a Hulkbuster armor for Black Panther?

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:04:00 No.107322385
    >I'm not a very good Catholic
    Matt Murdock in a nutshell.


    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:05:11 No.107322412
    Matt Murdock is hearing you behind your door.

Ridiculous power level. Even for Heimdal. How many million 'See Something? Say Something.' situations are unevenly ignored.

    Machine Jerk 05/01/19(Wed)18:08:01 No.107322476
    love the cover

It's a Thor Lie. But yeah, it's okay. Thor has an INCREDIBLE showing this ish.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:10:17 No.107322523
    If you're interested in how this strike team got together, a one-shot came out that expands on this plotline.

And not very well either.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:11:30 No.107322550
    Poor Black Knight, his blade is considered important enough to be a plot point, but he still gets defeated off-screen and he gets no dialogue.

Indeed. Such character disrespect and inconsistency since Weirdworld in Secret Wars.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:13:18 No.107322581
    Haven't read much from Marvel in a long time, but this looks really fun.

Hard to say this, but there was TOO MUCH GOING ON. And not enough focus on all facets of it that were going on. Made it impossible to organize a PBP. Much easier and saner just to reply to these anonymous 0-DAY reactions.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:15:07 No.107322616

    So Shuri's a vegan, huh? Well that's news to me.


    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:16:38 No.107322638
    I find it hilarious that after all this crap, all Roxxon Oil is getting out of this is &^%$ing Antartica while everyone else in Malekith's armies gets the better continents.
    I still don't get why Dario Agger is still even involved with Malekith. Who's he gonna sell Oil to now?

It actually feels organic, imo, following events in Thor. Everyone uses oil. Plus, he has a foothold in the alien treasureland regardless who wins.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:17:53 No.107322668
    And this will probably be the extent of the Fantastic Four's involvement in this event.

Naw, they got a crossover story solicited, AFAIK.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:21:48 No.107322752
    Readers of Venom's solo series are probably pretty confused right now. It seems that Aaron and Cates didn't coordinate things properly. And Costa's tie-ins also contradict this.

Figures. Sad.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:28:04 No.107322864
    1556749684844 jpg
    See? Roxxon really got the raw deal here. The Enchantress got an entire &^%$ing continent all to herself even though as far as I can tell she's been the most useless member of Malekith's council. And all Dario got is a huge chunk of ice and a jungle of dinosaurs, and now he has nobody to sell any Oil he might find down there to.

That map puts the one in USG to shame. But Doreen gets propped for doin' it first. It also reinforces the uneveness of this takeover, timewise. Even ridiculously faster than Secret Empire expanded over the world.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:28:23 No.107322874
    Panthers Hulkbuster from CWII

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:29:23 No.107322893
    1556749763622 jpg
    And that's that, hope you enjoyed.
    Next time: Venom becomes Malekith's bitch

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:29:48 No.107322900
    i'm kind of enjoying this event actually

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:38:15 No.107323060
    >Kitchen of Hels
    Stop this Aaron, it was funny when Thor thought Coulson was an actu son of a guy named Coul and it made sense with how patronyms are used and the fact that Thor also uses them.l (Thor Odinson). This is getting annoying.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:38:34 No.107323070
    >Venom in next issue
    Didn't Venom have a War of the Realms tie-in come out today?
    Where he doesn't have the symbiote at all?

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:41:14 No.107323118
    Yeah, I'm confused as well, he specifically has this weird magic crystal thing that gives him a magic suit that's like the Venom symbiote (only with a different design), but it's explicitly just a manifestation of Eddie's desires, there's no Venom voice in his head.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:42:45 No.107323154
    Spider-man is such a tool in this

Nervous banter. Promise to hug Wolvie was cute enough. His team does pretty well for 1st time pegasi riding. Poor pegasi this Event. \:\(

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:45:10 No.107323202
    Antartica means Savage Land and a fuckton of vibranium and dinosaur horns and scales to sell

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:47:48 No.107323240
    When will Aaron's last Thor comic be again?

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:52:52 No.107323240
    New team line ups are boss.

"Freya's Midgard Strikeforce"(?) and War Avengers! Hmm... what kind of buzz/credibility will these teams earn/deserve? Huh, they used a Quinjet.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:59:41 No.107323424
    Black Knight, Spitfire and Union Jack are all still alive!

Good on them for scoring facetime and representing at least some global presence.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)18:59:59 No.107323429
    So is there a particular reason Brain braddock doesn't turn malekith into a thin red paste on the ground here?

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)19:08:44 No.107323564
    Remember, Surtur is still dead ever since the events of "Everything Burns", the end of Fraction and Gillen's run on Thor and Journey into Mystery. The Queen of Cinders is his daughter and heir.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)19:10:59 No.107323593
    I mean honestly, why is this even happening?

    It feels like another sh*tty "Everyone is Thor" theme event designed to just meander around.

    Like seriously, how could Malekith take over Europe when his first stop is literally Great "We're the nexus of magic" Britain guarded by one of the heaviest hitters in Marvel?

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)19:17:54 No.107323698
    >The Queen of Cinders
    1556752346645 jpg
    Sindr's not a new character though: She's rule 63 Surtur.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)19:21:29 No.107323744
    What happened to the hammers from Fear Itself?
    Do they have any of them in storage?

Great question! Inevitably ignored by Bullpen.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)20:34:39 No.107324896
    I hate that Shuri is now a genius. And does nothing.

So many players, everyone has to take turns. Even Genius Stark hasn't shone yet.

    Anonymous 05/01/19(Wed)21:12:59 No.107325515
    So, Avengers ran away and abandoned all the stragglers and forgotten heroes of NYC?! The Valkyrior were slaughtered between issues -or in an upcoming issue- but what happened to all the Asgardians squatting in NYC? An how much time elapsed for the Realms to conquer Earth to this extent? How long before these sub teams sprung into action? Is just New Yorkers hiding in another dimension for weeks(?) now? Detracting pace and lax development exposition.


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