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Subj: Dark Elf Realm - War of the Realms: Strikeforce
Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 at 03:53:29 pm EDT (Viewed 143 times)



It actually feels odd to post a thread on this board about something other than Endgame. That movie is such a monumental global phenomenon. But I guess War of the Realms is a pretty big deal in its own way. For one thing, I expect a video game based on it to come out some time this year. If that doesn't happen, Marvel is just being silly. Also, I suspect at least a few of the next 20 Marvel movies will take their inspiration from this comic book event, even if the details are changed dramatically.

As for this particular installment, I had mixed reactions. I like the explanation of why this team was assembled. It wasn't based on power, nor on stealthiness, but on experience with the dark side of the soul. Lady Freyja herself - is the "j" used in other books? - definitely has a dark side in the ancient myths. Frank Castle is almost entirely dark side, although he importantly (1) doesn't hurt and will in fact rescue innocents and (2) won't lift a finger against law enforcement or the military unless he knows they're corrupt. Blade is vampirism turned against itself, which is pretty dark. Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance, so, 'nuff said. She-Hulk is the rage of the atom on two legs. So OK, I buy it. Good explanation.

I like the interaction between Lady Freyja and Frank. Granted, it was melodramatic and a tad pompous, but I can see where the writer was going and I'm willing to go there.

I like the art.

I'm not sure Jennifer was really in character but maybe she was. I haven't been following her lately. In any case, I can see where the writer was going and I'm willing to go there.

Ghost Rider and Blade seemed in character.

The pecking order was interesting. First, Lady Freyja; next, Frank; next, Jennifer; next, the remaining two (Ghost Rider and Blade).

I like how the writer presents the Aesir as being fundamentally different from mortals mentally. This mental difference, even more than immortality, is what makes them gods. (My words, not the writer's, but I think I'm justified in my interpretation.) Even more interesting is that Frank Castle's mentality is unusually close to that of the Aesir.

I like that Lady Freyja tested the four mortals by fighting them single-handedly.

I like that Lady Freyja intends to hold Dark Bifrost on her own. (Incidentally, she wasn't saying that in War of the Realms #3, so here we have a nit to pick, but I prefer this writer's version over Jason Aaron's, so I'll stick with this one.)

I like how Lady Freyja becomes this dark monster version of herself to hold Dark Bifrost. Pretty scary.

So what didn't I like?

The stupid "wrestle with your inner demon" thing that we've seen so many times before. I couldn't possibly be more bored. Feh.

But my likes outweigh my dislikes.

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